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  1. well i tested the new ram, it checked out with no errors. Then i tested the new ram with the old ram that had no errors, and after 24 passes it had no errors. So far there hasnt been any problems like before, but also it didnt usually happen within the first few days either. So im usin bitcomet again, hoping there wont be the restarting problem again. Anyway, thanks for all ur help everyone.
  2. ok well my ram just got here today, and im not using it yet, what im gonna do is just wait until tonight before i go to bed to put it in, then im gonna run the memtest all night and let it check it
  3. and now that ive tested the other piece of ram, im just gonna end up keeping the other piece because i let it test it for 9 hours, with 34 passes, and it didnt find any errors. so yay! imma get to have a gig and a half of ram instead of just a gig.
  4. Hmmm, im just curious, but how many errors should i allow there to be? i mean like i know all errors are bad, but how many should i let there be within say 13 passes to have it be salvageable? currently with just one in there it has 42 errors in 13 passes. 35 of one error, 1 of another error, and 6 of the third error. interestingly most errors seem to be found in the 4th test. Because i dont really wanna sit here for another 2 hours because i actually wanna use my computer now, i might wait until tommorow to test the other one alone.
  5. yeah, i suppose tommorow ill test each one individually, ive already set to buy some more ram. When i came back after the 3 hours, it ended up there being about 390 errors after the 12-15 (i cant remember exactly how many) passes
  6. ok, well after lookin around the info for memtest i ended up switching my 2 RAM modules and then i ran the test again. The result was overall for the first like 4 passes it only had 1 error but with a high count of that one error (the count increases a random number, usually between 1 and 16) in test 4, then on the 5th pass, it found another 2 errors in test 4. I donno if it will help, but ill give the info on the errors so far. I'm going to leave memtest running for the next 3 hours, because im not going to be at my computer anyway. The 3 errors are.... Failing Address______________Good
  7. ok, i ran the test and almost immediately the errors started piling up. There were about 100 by the time it got to about 15% passed. Though i think it is odd that the first time that i ran it to just see if the disk worked, didnt have a single error and it was gettin along through test 3. Then the second time i ran it, it started showing up errors before test 2 even ended, and got a whole bunch of errors in test 3.
  8. ok, thanks for the help. I found the way to burn a disk image and then i restarted my comp after i burned it to the cd. memtest ran, looking just like it did on ur pic. tonight when i go to sleep ill run it again, but this time it should work. at some point i may look into getting PowerISO in some form (probably in no way paying for it because im not paying $30 for a program thats very close to the one i have for free) I was planning on taking pictures of my screen, but there isnt really a need to do that now that the problem is out of the way.
  9. erm, my screen looks nothing like that, and when i did it i was right, it did stay at the point where it said it was searching for the USB HDD drives. My screen is black with white text that isnt stationary, it says enough stuf to make the screen scroll down making it so i cant read what it first says after a few seconds and it says various stuff like its trying to check if something is enabled or verified and then it checks my usb stuff and it finds my usb stuff then it stopps at searching for the USB HDD drives. now i might know the problem, is the way that im supposed to put this on a cd
  10. ok, i guess tonight ill let it run when i go to sleep and ill try to find the table u were talking about but i still say that it seems to be doing nothing when it stops where it says "checking USB HDD drives" but whatever, ill leave it runnin all night
  11. ok first off, sry for the long time before the reply, i sorta forgot for a while. Anyway, yes im sure that it stopped because it doesnt do anything, i mean its not acting as if it is, its not making any other sound then the fan or anything, and ive even let it sit there for a little while and still nothing happens. I understand that its not designed to make it completely obvious that something is wrong, but theres the fact that i cant even read half the stuff it says because it just goes through almost the entire thing in like 10 seconds while everything quickly flashes and goes up the scree
  12. ok, well i got home and i tried the boot disk again without it in, and it stopped there again, so then i tried it without anything in my usb ports, and it still stopped there, then i tried it with everything in and on, and it STILL stopped there, so i donno what its problem is.
  13. lol, i couldnt remember what it was called, the blinking rectangle, anyway i found out why it stopped there. It was because i had my external hard drive put in, but it wasnt turned on. So when i get home tommorow I will do the test again without it hooked to my comp
  14. well a few days ago i was doing something and my computer restarted and it the error reporting thingy said it was a driver error and i updated my sound card driver (i believe my sound card is a PCI sound blaster or some combination of those words) and it hasnt happened again since, im still hesitant to get bitcomet again because i dont want to have to fix my computer AGAIN. well i tried the memtest thingy, i made a boot cd and put it on there and rebooted my computer. it said some stuff, nothing that it said really looked bad, then it said searching USB HDD drives or something close to that
  15. Well after using the thing to remove norton and having to restart my computer because of the tool my computer screwed up, goin to the blue screen every time and not letting it get to the desktop. I tried to use my restore disks to fix windows, but every time that failed with some error or some problem so i was forced to reformat it again. Now i have everything running fine and im not going to get bitcomet again because everything runs fine until i get bitcomet and run it, thats when everything goes bad. Actually im just not going to download anything on this computer, imma try to figure sum
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