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  1. I do really appreciate you asking for me; working in tech myself, I kow how frustrating those very dubious timelines can be for everyone involved. Thanks so much for checking in for me... I'll keep checking back for new versions, and try to stick with Cometbird until then. I've really enjoyed it as a browser.
  2. Thank you very much for the welcome. I appreciate the effort you're making on my behalf. :)
  3. Hi, everyone! I was just wondering if development on Cometbird has stopped. I've been an avid user of Cometbird for several years,and have recommended it to many people over that period of time. Since the release of version 11 back in 2012, though, I haven't seen any updates, and I have checked repeatedly; Now it's reached the point where I am being strongly encouraged by several websites to upgrade to a modern browser. I don't mind Firefox, and I will go back to using it if I have to, but I do prefer Cometbird and would like to stick with it. Do we know if there is an updated version being wo
  4. Just posting to say hello to everyone. :rolleyes:
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