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  1. jceast7

    Torrent sites Issue

    I downloaded Firefox, installed, set as my browser. Atcomet.com opens directly through Firefox. Tried Bitcomet links and still the same error, but from Firefox??? Sorry for all this. I am sure it is simple, but not obvious. Thanks in advance. Jim
  2. jceast7

    Torrent sites Issue

    Thanks for your response. I will try this. Mucho gracias.Jim
  3. jceast7

    Torrent sites Issue

    Sorry for not answering the second question. No it will not load in browser directly. http://www.atcomet.com/GenericErrorPage.htm?aspxerrorpath=/default.ashx direct from browser. http://www.atcomet.com/GenericErrorPage.htm?aspxerrorpath=/URLViewinfo.ashx from bitcomet connection. thanks in advance.
  4. jceast7

    Torrent sites Issue

    All the torrents send me to Atcomit.com and the page is not available. All the torrents list do the same. Tried un-install bitcomet and re-install but the same thing happens. Uhg. Thanks in advance
  5. jceast7

    Torrent sites Issue

    My torrent site in the channel list keep defaulting to "atcomet.com" Selection does not take me to the site. How can I fix this problem please. Thanks in advance for your help.