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  1. Goodday Gentlemen I have recently switched from using a laptop top a desktop PC, and used BitComet for torrent on both of them. I always make sure my upload ratio is at the very least 1:1. Since i have started using BitComet on my PC, i have noticed that my download and upload information in the 'Statistics' bar has been reset (i have logged in with my account). Does anyone know if there is some place where i can see my overall download history, because i dont want to go lower than 1:1 accidently and then turn into one of those Hit and Run bastards. I am using 64-Bit BitComet version 1.36 on Windows 8 Pro 64Bit, and i am connected via a Billion 800 VGT router with 2MB per sec ADSL (bloody third world internet). Regards Keycooker
  2. I am using BitComet, how can i see who abusing my seeding and uploading nothing, so i can ban them. Getting tired of people who want everything and contribute nothing. All help appreciated. Thanks
  3. Goodday everyone Name is keycooker. Hope i can learn some interesting things in this forum. Have useful conversations. Cheers
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