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  1. i had a problem when i created the torrent this is how it went, i made it and uploaded to TPB the only one im planning on using and when its uploaded, i tried downloading it and it said "torrent already exists" do i delete it then re download it from TPB after upload just a little confused as its my first time doing this dude
  2. so your saying bitcomet is ok and i set the torrent up properly and i am seeding and you downloaded my torrent and your also seeding but no one els is downloading my torrent from TPB because 1 its a new torrent and 2 will it pick up slowly if i leave bitcomet on constantly running the torrent task
  3. it looks like only you managed to download my torrent as the only ip address on my peer list on the screenshot above is the only one downloaded i think, have a look dude
  4. but there is 0 out of 0 downloading how is it working my latest screenshot below
  5. ok my current port is 9496 i will change it to49152 and restart, also i could not do a manual hash check is that because the task is running
  6. i had to send the screenshot in a pm it didnt work here, did you get it edit by staff: no screenshot was in the PM. Please try hosting the screenshots on a site like photobucket or similar edit 2: I added one of the screenshots from your photobucket here using this code... [img=http://i1332.photobucket.com/albums/w611/Olly_Wright/screenshot3_zps3182ab49.png]
  7. I can confirm that LT seed is on i right clicked the torrent in the list on bitcomet and went properties and selected the LT seed tick box was already on... what i just did was right click the torrent task in bitcomet and selected "update tracker" the list updated it looks like this now
  8. Thats because i closed BitComet, sorry i have started it back up now and my torrent task is now running, can you try it again please
  9. hello im new to this forum, I have been using BitComet for a long time now and i just started creating torrents. The problem is i created the torrent, uploaded it to TPB and i am actively seeding it but the upload rate has been at 0kb forever and i see peers trying to connect but not sucessfully, any help Heres my sys info BitComet v1.36 X64-Bit Windows 8 Pro X64 TalkTalk Fibre Optic 76MB Internet Setup Phone Line BT Openreach Fibre Modem HG612 Hauwei HG533 Router Laptop - on wireless Samsung NP300V5A No firewall or anti-virus I use Windows 8 built in firewall features and Windows Defender The torrent i made using BitComet 1.36 in question http://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/8750269 Speed Test.net Results If you require the information displayed in BitComet, can you tell me how to copy this if required Thankyou all for any help, i just want to contribute back instead of just downloading P.S i added screenshots of BitComet running so you can see
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