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  1. I have check some infor ... and they think in my case is Disk Overload ?? I don't know is my HDD .... I download it full sometime have only few gb @@
  2. please help me !! I have check my net ! It normal speed good ! but Bitcomet download very slow ! Alway limited in 100kb or more lower ... i have check download limit in setting it's no limit in my download !!! So hurt :( Now i think the problem is bitcomet ! How i do now ? :(
  3. I can login in id but the problem now still there ! When i open Bitcomet my internet very slow ? I don't know why ? I can't download torrent ? The speed very slow ? The seeder of that movie very huge can reach max speed ... but now i can't download >< or Seed for everyone ! I have some sceenshort ! what info you need to fix my problem ! i willing to support for U ! Or and my ratio seed ! I alway seed in 1,5 _3 ! just hope you can help me TT_TT do i need give you my cometid link about my score ?
  4. Hi ! I alway use Bicomet for download torrrent ! my level now is 2 moon 3 stars ... Captain (7750 poitn) ! Just level up 2 day and now i can't login to cometid in the sofware ... can't seed , download very slow from the day my level up in captain??? ! but i can login in this site and in VIP site :v ? Somebody help me how to make it normal !! > <
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