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  1. please specify what version you are using, and a link to a public torrent that can reproduce this bug. Also, is the harddrive a local drive or networked drive?
  2. I haven't done it in years but I did once try this. Unfortunately you often end up getting duplicates. It's pretty common that the first torrent for an episode will get nuked and replaced with a proper or a repack. I found it much more efficient to give it a few hours select the torrent that I want manually but many people do rely on RSS so they can get the torrents without any delay.
  3. If you do get it to complete you will be able to revive the torrent by providing the missing BitTorrent pieces. I know of no other client that is capable of doing this except bitcomet.
  4. Please understand bitcomet is not a torrent client that can download webseeds. It's completely different than anything else on the market and it converts web seeds, HTTP links, FTP links and long-term seedlinks into BitTorrent pieces. It does this so the torrent can be completed from many different sources. I can't say why your torrent is having problems. Your apology is accepted and please enjoy the Forum. If the development team can find a solution I'm sure they will. If you would like to do more investigating try disabling the bitcomet services one at a time and see if you can get the torrent to complete from web seeds alone.
  5. Ps. The behavior you noticed wasting data can be disabled by disabling the services listed in bitcomet options. This will make bitcomet operate like every other bit torrent client. The downside is you will no longer have the ability to complete torrents that are not fully seeded. Unfortunately the cost for this ability sometimes means data is wasted and that cannot be avoided.
  6. Without reading this entire insanely long thread it appears that the answer is obvious. When downloading a torrent using BitTorrent protocol you do not download files you download small pieces of those files. When using web seed you download the entire file even if you only need a small piece of it. This is the only way some torrents can complete. It's really not rocket science. If you have a torrent that consists of a 2GB video file and it will not complete using BitTorrent pieces because some of them are not available you will have to download the entire 2GB video file in order to make the missing BitTorrent pieces. This is not an efficient way to download however it is swarm friendly because after you complete the download bitcomet can then manufacture the missing pieces and share them with the Swarm. If the missing pieces are part of a small file it's not a big deal but in some cases it will result and a lot of unnecessary downloading. Most people agree that it's worth it to be able to complete a download that other torrent clients cannot. It is certainly worth it if you are then able to revive a dead torrent. Now you have a second opinion if you don't like it you don't have to accept it. None of us are obligated to help you and will not continue to tolerate rude Behavior. Please become a positive member of the community and you will be welcome here. If you continue to insult our volunteers you will be removed.
  7. This topic is exactly how not to behave in this forum. This is a community support forum we will not tolerate our volunteers being harassed. If you don't like the advice you are given that does not give you the right to harass the person giving the advice. If you don't like the software nobody is forcing you to use it. No one here is obligated to help you. If you don't like the way bitcomet users are helping you you can email the development team directly. If you continue to harass our members you will be removed from the Forum.
  8. It would not be possible to be both a virus and a non trusted application. Without knowing the exact detection I can't provide any accurate information but I can tell you that this is indeed a false positive. I suspect you are using the term virus as a slang word to mean malware which is not correct. A virus has to have the ability to self-replicate. Bitcomet is not and to the best of my knowledge has never been infected with any viruses. The software does exactly what it claims to do this has been verified more times than I can count. Each time a new version is released some of the antivirus products will not recognize the new version and if you have the highest security settings it will not whitelist the product until they get lots of complaints or the publisher pays them money. Since bitcomet is free there is no money to pay them. My advice would be to avoid Symantec products.
  9. Without an open listening port you will not receive any peer initiated requests. The only way you can connect to a peer is if you initiate the connection and most peers in a swarm already have the connections they need. As new peers enter the Swarm they will try to connect with others except they cannot reach you. You will not know they exist until you receive a Tracker update and by then they may have all the peers they need. If you cannot receive incoming connections your performance is going to be horrible on most torrents. I highly recommend you get a better internet connection and mobile broadband is never a good option when using peer-to-peer downloading. Fiber optic is usually the best option
  10. impossible with torrents, could be emule
  11. usually means the server is down, but it won't stop you from using bitcomet, so let us know if this doesn't resolve in a week or so.
  12. What are you talking about? you asked me to remove it and I did, since it's not your topic I can only remove your post, which I did, but I had to explain why it's missing or the whole thread is botched.
  13. yes, if you add a tracker without registering the torrent and uploading to that tracker first, it will only result in slowing you down and harming the tracker. The tracker's only purpose is to connect you to peers and one tracker can do that job fine, and if that tracker is down, DHT will find you the peers, so it only hurts everyone to copy lists like this into your torrent.
  14. Adding trackers to a torrent is usually a very bad idea. Unless you are going to register the torrent with all these trackers, you will only spam them with unwanted connection attempts.
  15. This is not a virus, even the name says "trojan" not "virus", they are two different things, but in this case it's not a trojan either, it's simply Installcore, a tool that allows bitcomet to offer you optional software that you can select or decline. As long as it's not abused installcore is a legitimate tool and won't install any malware on your system, but if you want bitcomet without installcore try the link in my signature.
  16. Have you tried increasing your disk cache size? The default size is very small to avoid consuming RAM memory that some members may not have available, but it will ease a lot of stress on your hard drive if you dedicate more memory to disk cache and your symptoms sound like it could be caused by a non-responsive disc.
  17. .mkv is simply a "container" used to hold video/audio files, and are usually already in mpeg4 encoding. If your ps3 won't play the files try copying the video to a new location and change the file name from file.mkv to file.mp4 and see if it plays like that. There may not be a need to convert. If it is necessary to convert (re-encode) the video in order to play on a ps3, then you may want to post this inquiry in the conversion software forum or tech support, as this isn't a bitcomet issue. Once the file is downloaded, bitcomet's job is done. You can also look for another torrent that has video in a ps3 compatible format. Also understand that ps3 is not the ideal player to use as it has digital rights management software embedded that could cause problems. Perhaps getting a digital video player instead? I haven't kept up with which is best this year, but western digital Live TV was a good one that plays virtually anything, and several other products are available that will play mkv and other file formats without conversion. ps3 is good for playing games, not so much as playing video in open source formats like mkv.
  18. Rather than over writing the file it would be best to First rename the file to something unique so that it's not destroyed. Or better yet make a copy of the file using a new name then you can overwrite the original file. This way you can easily undo the changes should you end up changing the file in such a way that causes unexpected changes to bitcomet. I realize it's too late for you to see the original file now that you've already overwritten it, but for others who are trying to customize the appearance of their bitcomet please remember to make any changes easily reversible.
  19. as I am out of town I cannot investigate this, but did alert development who may or may not reply here.
  20. glad I could help. it's wise to keep a backup of your modified file because if bitcomet ever decides to update the list it will get overwritten.
  21. for english, edit file "fav_en_us.xml" but you should back it up first in case you need to restore it
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