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    impossible with torrents, could be emule
  2. The UnUsual Suspect

    What Rank are You?

    I finally reached the rank of Marshall after after almost 9 years since this system was added to bitcomet. Ranks yet to achieve are Generalissimo, and Sovereign. I know many others have reached these ranks long ago and even though I've been running these support forums for almost as long as BitComet has existed it doesn't mean I'm a huge downloader, in fact most of my activity is centered around sharing fan produced science fiction, so virtually all my activity is uploads for new releases, so growth has been sporadic. It will be interesting to see what rank everyone else is at.
  3. The UnUsual Suspect

    sign in

    usually means the server is down, but it won't stop you from using bitcomet, so let us know if this doesn't resolve in a week or so.
  4. The UnUsual Suspect

    tracker name column

    What are you talking about? you asked me to remove it and I did, since it's not your topic I can only remove your post, which I did, but I had to explain why it's missing or the whole thread is botched.
  5. The UnUsual Suspect

    What is Download manager?

    BitComet is a download manager
  6. The UnUsual Suspect

    tracker name column

    list removed at request of the member
  7. The UnUsual Suspect

    The newst tracker list

    yes, if you add a tracker without registering the torrent and uploading to that tracker first, it will only result in slowing you down and harming the tracker. The tracker's only purpose is to connect you to peers and one tracker can do that job fine, and if that tracker is down, DHT will find you the peers, so it only hurts everyone to copy lists like this into your torrent.
  8. The UnUsual Suspect

    The newst tracker list

    Adding trackers to a torrent is usually a very bad idea. Unless you are going to register the torrent with all these trackers, you will only spam them with unwanted connection attempts.
  9. The UnUsual Suspect

    New in Bitcomet 1.53

    This is not a virus, even the name says "trojan" not "virus", they are two different things, but in this case it's not a trojan either, it's simply Installcore, a tool that allows bitcomet to offer you optional software that you can select or decline. As long as it's not abused installcore is a legitimate tool and won't install any malware on your system, but if you want bitcomet without installcore try the link in my signature.
  10. The UnUsual Suspect

    Bitcomet slow down pc

    Have you tried increasing your disk cache size? The default size is very small to avoid consuming RAM memory that some members may not have available, but it will ease a lot of stress on your hard drive if you dedicate more memory to disk cache and your symptoms sound like it could be caused by a non-responsive disc.
  11. The UnUsual Suspect

    1.52 torrents corruption

    check the tracker tab for errors
  12. The UnUsual Suspect

    Streets of Fire

    .mkv is simply a "container" used to hold video/audio files, and are usually already in mpeg4 encoding. If your ps3 won't play the files try copying the video to a new location and change the file name from file.mkv to file.mp4 and see if it plays like that. There may not be a need to convert. If it is necessary to convert (re-encode) the video in order to play on a ps3, then you may want to post this inquiry in the conversion software forum or tech support, as this isn't a bitcomet issue. Once the file is downloaded, bitcomet's job is done. You can also look for another torrent that has video in a ps3 compatible format. Also understand that ps3 is not the ideal player to use as it has digital rights management software embedded that could cause problems. Perhaps getting a digital video player instead? I haven't kept up with which is best this year, but western digital Live TV was a good one that plays virtually anything, and several other products are available that will play mkv and other file formats without conversion. ps3 is good for playing games, not so much as playing video in open source formats like mkv.
  13. The UnUsual Suspect

    Adding new torrent search Sites.

    Rather than over writing the file it would be best to First rename the file to something unique so that it's not destroyed. Or better yet make a copy of the file using a new name then you can overwrite the original file. This way you can easily undo the changes should you end up changing the file in such a way that causes unexpected changes to bitcomet. I realize it's too late for you to see the original file now that you've already overwritten it, but for others who are trying to customize the appearance of their bitcomet please remember to make any changes easily reversible.
  14. The UnUsual Suspect

    Two BUGs in version 1.48, 1.49 and 1.51

    as I am out of town I cannot investigate this, but did alert development who may or may not reply here.
  15. The UnUsual Suspect

    Adding new torrent search Sites.

    glad I could help. it's wise to keep a backup of your modified file because if bitcomet ever decides to update the list it will get overwritten.
  16. The UnUsual Suspect

    Adding new torrent search Sites.

    for english, edit file "fav_en_us.xml" but you should back it up first in case you need to restore it
  17. The UnUsual Suspect

    Lost all my tasks on bitcomet!!!

    read here http://wiki.bitcomet.com/bitcomet_client_issues_and_possible_solutions#tasks_have_disappeared_deleted_tasks_reappeared_in_my_tasklist_after_a_bitcomet_restart_how_can_i_fix_this
  18. The UnUsual Suspect

    Lost all my tasks on bitcomet!!!

    the instructions I gave you were to fix the problem outside bitcomet
  19. The UnUsual Suspect

    Lost all my tasks on bitcomet!!!

    change your folder options to allow viewing of known file extensions and everything will become clear.
  20. The UnUsual Suspect

    Lost all my tasks on bitcomet!!!

    rename downloads.xml to brokendownloads.xml, then find a backup from the latest date that worked and rename it downloads.xml then start bitcomet. you may have to enable viewing of file extentions for known file types in order to be able to change the extentions. A google search can be helpful in doing that.
  21. Not really fond of this option, if you are adding trackers that the torrent isn't registered in then you are only spamming the tracker with unwanted traffic and potentionally shutting down trackers. it's kinda like if someone thought it would help their phone calls complete if they added random phone numbers to be dialed, causing the owners of those numbers a lot of grief. If you add only open trackers, or if bitcomet would automatically remove any tracker that did not accept the torrent, then this could be a good option.
  22. The UnUsual Suspect

    Download Complete Blip

    You can also make your own sound and find the "download complete" audio file and replace it with another using the same name.
  23. This is because Install-core is added to the public distributed file so users can have the option to install bundled apps. None of which are malicious and can easily be declined during install. Doing this is an attempt to cover the cost of developing BitComet so it remains free. The archives don't contain install-core Esto es porque Install-core se añade al archivo que se distribuye al público, para que los usuarios puedan tener la opción de instalar las aplicaciones que están agrupadas. Ninguna de ellas son maliciosas y se puede optar por no instalarlas durante la instalación fácilmente. Hacer esto es un intento de cubrir el coste de desarrollar BitComet, para que siga siendo gratuito. Los archivos no contienen Install-core.
  24. Please explain in detail exactly what you are trying to do, and how you are doing it. Assume I cannot see your computer and know nothing about it, or how you are operating it, so leave out no details and I'll attempt to recreate this condition to confirm if it's a bug, or you are asking it to do something that violates your computer's settings.
  25. yes, this is a false positive. Install core may be considered "adware" by some, but it is not malicious, it simply allows Bitcomet to bundle other apps without requiring users to download them, and if members chose to install the offered apps it helps to keep bitcomet free. However I'm told the links in our archive do not have installcore, but you can confirm this using the link in my signature. Otherwise whitelist bitcomet in malwarebytes so it won't block the install. Sí, es un falso positivo. El Install core puede ser considerado como "adware" por algunos pero no es malicioso. Simplemente permite que BitComet pueda agrupar otras aplicaciones sin la necesidad de que los usuarios tengan que descargarlas,y si los usuarios deciden instalar las que se ofrecen, esto ayuda a que BitComet siga siendo gratuíto. Sin embargo, me han dicho que los enlaces en nuestro archivo no contienen el installcore (pero lo puedes comprobar, si usas en elace de mi firma). Por lo demás, lo que puedes hacer es añadir BitComet en tu Lista Blanca de Malwarebytes, para que no te bloquée la instalación.