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  1. Congrads on your Promotions.

    Manager in charge of International Forums

  2. fake torrents are usually easy to spot, just read the comments.

    dmaa99, most virus/malware infections don't come from torrents. Most are from malicious websites and usually are written to infect Internet Explorer users. I'd use another browser like Firefox/cometbird or google chrome.

    Also keep your antivirus upto date and scan everything you download.

  3. Imperium is a valued member of our team.

    Please say Thank You here if he helps you.

  4. Kluelos is one of our best, and hardest working staff members.

    Please feel free to leave him a kind comment if he helps you.

  5. Our forum is the place to post support requests. If you post questions here, our staff and members won't see them and you won't get the best help available. Please read the "READ THIS before posting" topic and then make a post in the appropriate section and one of us will reply.

    @eazals, google chrome is not supported by bitcomet at this time, use Firefox, Cometbird, ...

  6. Thank you all for your comments, but if your requesting help, you must post in the forum, and our staff will reply to you quickly. This is only for brief greetings, or to say hello. If people continue to request help here, I will have to disable this option.

    Thank You

  7. Thank you for your years of service to the file sharing community.

    Your friend always,


  8. thanks for all your work here.

    Your a great asset to the team


    this member protected by

    Guardian Eagle

    proceed with caution

  10. We've miss you last couple weeks, hope all is well.


  11. Welcome to the forum Kmelrose...

    You are one of the best support tech I've had the priviledge to know...

    We are glad to have you here...


  12. Aimee is one of the nicest people I've met, Please feel free to thank her for her service to the file sharing community.

  13. come make some posts in the forum, even just to say hello.

  14. Good to see you again :)

  15. Happy New Years to you too :)

  16. is your Guardian Eagle

  17. is your Guardian Eagle

  18. Nice to see you here my dear friend :)

  19. Note to all members: Soriaya is no longer on staff, nor an active member in the forum, so won't be replying to messages. Please address any questions or support requests to the proper section in the forum.

  20. please post messages here in English, thank you

  21. Please view the topic "READ THIS before posting" when asking for help. This can help get you a quick answer to your problem. Two minutes of reading can save you hours or days of delays by assuring you post all the required info the first time.

  22. Posting comments that aren't acceptable for children to read will result in a ban

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