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  1. You must replace the .bc! with the correct extension. Unfortunately if bitcomet downloads the video from a sources outside the torrent's swarm, it must then convert the data into bittorrent pieces of data and if it cannot find an additional file that is in the torrent, then one of those bittorrent pieces will be incomplete, but your video should be complete, and if you disable the option to add the .bc! file extension to incomplete files, then you won't have this problem. This type of cross-protocol downloading is revolutionary and is something no other client can do, so there are minor iss
  2. I feel your pain and can only tell you that Queeniequ was hired as our forum rep to communicate with the development team, but cutbacks had to be made and we no longer have a rep. I can also tell you that the vip appears to be down for at least a few weeks, and before that it seemed to work for some and not for others, so it's my guess they just don't have the funds to keep it running on the scale it would need to work worldwide, and my other contacts with the development team haven't responded, so it's possible some have moved on, but there is someone keeping the comet ID system up and runnin
  3. I'm sorry but there is nothing any of our forum staff can do. It seems there is some problem with the service and until we hear otherwise from development, the only thing we can recommend is that you open a dispute with paypal and request a refund.
  4. I believe you may have a unique issue here. Notice that the torrents you selected in this screenshot show 0 seed, and 0 peers, this means they would normally not download at all, at least with any other client, however BitComet has the ability to find these files elsewhere, either from emule, http/ftp, or other torrents, and could also have downloaded the files from our own LTseed network, but since many of these torrents also include a small .nfo or .txt file, which bitcomet could not find, the torrent cannot reach 100%, but if I'm correct the videos should play just fine. You may have to ren
  5. We are aware of this problem in 1.42, which is the latest version, and the consensus is that 1.41 does not have this problem.
  6. try disabling columns you don't want to see
  7. It's difficult to make random guesses to solve your problem, perhaps you should follow the first link in my signature and provide the requested info
  8. In addition to what Cassie said, if your torrent continues to run you will seed to all members of the swarm, and in addition to this if your task is stopped and you are logged in to your CometID account, you may still upload using LTseed (long term seeding). This only takes place when your internet connection isn't being used and so far only BitComet peers have added this technology and can download from LTseed. I've witnessed torrents where there was no seeds and many peers stuck with unfinished torrent, when suddenly a LTseed appeared and I quickly completed my download and was able to share
  9. All of the major anti virus scanners detect it as clean, what your AV detected is "InstallCore", an app that allows BitComet to bundle things like the Yahoo toolbar which can easily be declined during install. Little things like that are what keeps the lights on here and this is not a virus or any other type of threat. BitComet is digitally signed and all the contents are provided for it to be certified as safe, but many small anti virus scanners don't do their homework and label any app that uses this technology as a false positive. By the way, I recommend reverting to 1.41 until an unrelat
  10. I think the only way to pay with a card is through paypal, but if they can't help, contact your bank.
  11. Thank you, we get so many posts every time the website is down and no every time we have to post the same replies. I also tend to get my inbox filled with messages even though support isn't offered in private messages.
  12. You are using an old version, this was fixed in 1.37 as noted in the release notes... GUI Bugfix: fix the bug of missing file extension name when start download by Magnet URI I recommend you install version 1.41, as the current version 1.42 has an unrelated bug. Also, if you want to manually add the file extension, make sure you add the correct one for the file to be handled properly. The site that hosted the torrent should have a file list so you can confirm what the file extension should be.
  13. Try this... GoTo Options>Task>When Download Finished Untick both boxes Or, you should be able to leave the "play sound" enabled, but if you are a gamer you probably don't want that enabled.
  14. We have no way of knowing where you got the torrent, or why it was removed, but most torrent sites remove torrents because they contain malware, aren't what they claim to be, or are poisoned (fakes) designed to harass p2p users. The place to inquire is where you got the torrent. Good Luck
  15. looks like your listening port is blocked, although that won't prevent you from uploading, but will make it difficult to get peers to connect to you. Is your port light yellow at the bottom of bitcomet?
  16. After 9 years it's nice to see you finally found your way to our forum.
  17. I'm afraid none of the forum staff can help you with this, you can try emailing to ask for help, or if you are fluent in Mandarin you can try posting at cometbbs.com, but your best bet would probably to open a dispute with paypal and you should get a prompt refund.
  18. I'm afraid this cannot be done as http links were never designed to be stopped and restarted, but additions to the protocol have been added to allow a task still active in the server to be stopped and restarted, but a different pc cannot restart a task as it won't be recognized by the server.
  19. Thanks for sharing. A reminder to others, no links to vpn services. Anyone considering using one should have no problem finding them on google and we've had problems with malicious links being posted before, so we just don't allow it, but members are welcome to recommend services to others.
  20. This should be fixed when version 1.44 is released. Please revert back to 1.41. Esto debería de estar subsanado cuando salga la versión 1.44. Por favor, vuelve a la versión 1.41 .
  21. What version are you using? If using 1.42, revert to 1.41 Also, when you disable files it can result in you being unable to properly seed the task. Unless it is a large file that you have a legitimate reason for not wanting you should download the complete task so that others don't get stuck with less than 100% when downloading.
  22. I don't have anyway to help you. The only options I can offer are to wait and see if it's fixed, or request a refund with paypal.
  23. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do to help you. Wait if you like, or request refund.
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