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  1. The health is determined by the number of seeds, to improve the health each person who downloads the task should refrain from disabling files within the torrent and continue to seed the torrent after it completes. When the health suddenly drops it's usually because peers have stopped the task or your connection to them was interrupted.
  2. I suspect the problem was with the install, not the bitcomet version as I've adjusted column width on every version I've used over the last 10+ years, but glad it's fixed. BTW, the problem with 1.42 is related to file priority changing on restart, from disabled to high priority. Hopefully this will be fixed in 1.43
  3. If you don't have any current tasks you can try shutting down bitcomet and copy or type %appdata% into the address bar of any folder, then find the bitcomet folder and delete it. This will remove all settings, torrents, and history, and when you restart it will reset everything to defaults. If that doesn't work you can repeat, but also uninstall bitcomet, then reinstall. If you have tasks you must preserve then open the folder mentioned above and delete just the Bitcomet.xml file instead of the whole folder. This will delete only your custom settings. You can also change the files name so th
  4. The stats on torrent sites are rarely accurate, bitcomet stats for seeds should be accurate, but the peers numbers could be inflated because if one peer leaves and returns using a different port or IP, it will list the same peer more than once. Also note that you must be connected to at least one working tracker or dht for the peers to be displayed.
  5. I cannot confirm this bug, but you might want to revert back to 141 since other bugs exist in 142
  6. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network and not something you can download. It requires a remote computer to connect to and assuming you want this to download or access something that is not available in your area you'll need to either own or rent a computer in a different area, or find a company you can trust that offers VPN connections for lease. You'd also need one that can assign a unique port number to you and redirect all traffic on that port to your VPN, and it's important you can trust the company. Many like to use countries that won't respond to court orders outside their country, and I ca
  7. After you shut down BitComet you can delete the "downloads.xml" file, it's location can vary depending on your windows versions, settings, and bitcomet version history so I can't tell you exactly where it's located but the odds are if you copy %appdata% into the address bar of a folder and have a relatively fresh new install on a windows version vista or newer, that should point you in the right direction. If you want to understand exactly how windows determines where to put this file there is a topic on wiki.bitcomet.com that explains it in great detail.
  8. None of your unfinished tasks appear to have any seeds, so probably dead torrents, but at least one of your completed tasks appears to be uploading. If there was a problem with your usb drive you would likely see a red X on the task.
  9. We are aware of this issue, revert to version 1.41 until a fix is released. You can download all versions from the link in my signature. ps. Please also do not disable files unless absolutely necessary, abusing this option is one of the reasons people cannot complete their downloads.
  10. BitComet is written in C++, not VB, so I'm not sure if that changes how it's done, but I agree it was probably an oversight. I'd also say if they intended the columns to sort, then it's a bug, but if they just overlooked it then it's just a cosmetic bug, but hopefully it will eventually get addressed when the development team has time. Currently there is a more pressing issue with 1.42 that I've been trying to reach the team on and when I hear back from them I'll try to get some clarification and see if they are willing to work on this. Thanks again for taking the time to explain it.
  11. I think the most likely explanation is they copied code used elsewhere to make this popup (common technique used by programmers), but opted not to add any function to the header of each column. They probably should have disabled the header so it doesn't react to a mouse at all, but keep in mind this is freeware developed by volunteers, so it's customary to not be as concerned over cosmetic issues vs real bugs that cause the app to crash or otherwise malfunction. ps. Thanks for the screenshot
  12. BC Score = Points from online time + Points from uploaded Bytes. Being online can generate 2 points per hour, with a limited maximum of 20 points, per day. Uploading files continually, via BitTorrent protocol, can generate 1 point per 10MB, with a limited maximum of 100 points, per day. Downloading files, via BitTorrent protocol, doesn't affect the Score. The same applies to HTTP and FTP protocol. The Score will be updated every 24 hours.
  13. This linked topic has been solved. If you're still having issues with the columns, please state clearly exactly which ones are not holding their width and I will try to reproduce the problem.
  14. This member's problem was resolved, if you read his last post he got it working correctly, but then had an unrelated question about windows 10 that I referred him elsewhere to resolve.
  15. Maybe I don't understand what you are asking, I did find your initial post confusing, but when I tried to follow your instructions it seemed to operate in a way consistent with the rest of the bitcomet GUI. For example, we have "up" and "down" buttons to sort the tasks in the mail window, but if you click on any column for a custom sort order it disables these buttons because if you select to sort them by date, or by number of seeds, then you can't change the order or it no longer will be sorted as you requested, and with the customize download order option, once you enable this function it wo
  16. That is how it's designed, when you enter this mode you make a custom download order. It is not advisable to use this option because bittorrent protocol is designed to download whatever pieces are available at the time rather than completing a single file before proceeding to the next. A good analogy would be shopping for groceries for ten people with ten separate lists, would you fill the lists one at a time, there for visiting each section of the store ten times... or fill all ten at ones in a fraction of the time. Some people like this so their episodes can complete in order, but it wou
  17. upper vs lower case doesn't really matter on the "k", but it's very important on the b/B, as b (bit) and B (Byte) are very different measurements and often the lower case k with the upper case B are mated so you can be certain they are talking about KiloBytes, not Kilobits. Even your own post uses both upper and lower case b/B, which would indicate you may not understand the difference. 1B = 8b.
  18. When you select a customized display order, it displays as you selected and cannot be changed using the sorting options. If you turn off the customize order, then it will display any way you like... assuming I understand your post correctly.
  19. I'm not sure why bitcomet is crashing, but something obvious changed between when you first install and when this problem began. Did you install any software or remove anything like malware or security threats? did you install any codecs when this happened?
  20. BitComet has nothing at all to do with this, your complaint should be focused at whatever torrent site you found this download at. BitComet is simply download software, where you find the files you want to download is between you and the website you used. I'll also caution you that if a torrent asks you to buy or install anything, it's surely a scam and you should delete the files, report the torrent, and find another.
  21. You won't reach them here, this is a user support forum. Unfortunately there isn't an easy way to contact them, you can keep trying email, or you can try posting at cometbbs.com.
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