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  1. rename downloads.xml to brokendownloads.xml, then find a backup from the latest date that worked and rename it downloads.xml then start bitcomet. 

    you may have to enable viewing of file extentions for known file types in order to be able to change the extentions. A google search can be helpful in doing that.

  2. On 6/20/2018 at 5:50 AM, SFD96 said:

    Whoa ! This is something new and really cool !

    More info here http://wiki.bitcomet.com/bitcomet_options#tracker

    Not really fond of this option, if you are adding trackers that the torrent isn't registered in then you are only spamming the tracker with unwanted traffic and potentionally shutting down trackers. it's kinda like if someone thought it would help their phone calls complete if they added random phone numbers to be dialed, causing the owners of those numbers a lot of grief.


    If you add only open trackers, or if bitcomet would automatically remove any tracker that did not accept the torrent, then this could be a good option.


  3. This is because Install-core is added to the public distributed file so users can have the option to install bundled apps. None of which are malicious and can easily be declined during install. Doing this is an attempt to cover the cost of developing BitComet so it remains free. The archives don't contain install-core

    Esto es porque Install-core se añade al archivo que se distribuye al público, para que los usuarios puedan tener la opción de instalar las aplicaciones que están agrupadas. Ninguna de ellas son maliciosas y se puede optar por no instalarlas durante la instalación fácilmente. Hacer esto es un intento de cubrir el coste de desarrollar BitComet, para que siga  siendo gratuito. Los archivos no contienen Install-core.

  4. yes, this is a false positive. Install core may be considered "adware" by some, but it is not malicious, it simply allows Bitcomet to bundle other apps without requiring users to download them, and if members chose to install the offered apps it helps to keep bitcomet free. However I'm told the links in our archive do not have installcore, but you can confirm this using the link in my signature. Otherwise whitelist bitcomet in malwarebytes so it won't block the install.

    Sí, es un falso positivo. El Install core puede ser considerado como "adware" por algunos pero no es malicioso. Simplemente permite que BitComet pueda agrupar otras aplicaciones sin la necesidad de que los usuarios tengan que descargarlas,y si los usuarios deciden instalar las que se ofrecen, esto ayuda a que BitComet siga siendo gratuíto. Sin embargo, me han dicho que los enlaces en nuestro archivo no contienen el installcore (pero lo puedes comprobar, si usas en elace de mi firma). Por lo demás, lo que puedes hacer es añadir BitComet en tu Lista Blanca de Malwarebytes, para que no te bloquée la instalación.

  5. Installcore has been abused by some publishers to install software you may not want, but when used properly it is a useful tool and allows bitcomet to offer useful apps to it's users. This is helpful to help cover the costs to make and distribute this free product and you can easily decline any of the offered apps, so there is no reason for it to be "detected" unless the antivirus software developers are lazy and simply detect anything that uses it. If bitcomet received regular donations, this wouldn't be necessary, but bills must be paid. As it is we have been using volunteers to support users for a dozen years and unless want to start paying for bitcomet, installcore will stay. I also ask that users consider trying the apps offered, there isn't any income if the apps aren't selected by members, but you are still welcome to decline. 


    Please understand that Bitcomet has never included malware of any kind, but thank you for bringing this up so we can (again) explain this to our users.

  6. On 4/10/2018 at 8:57 PM, Rhubarb said:

    I'm currently uploading at 550 kB/s and my task manager shows this. I don't know why it says I'm uploading at 4 kB/s though



    task manager.jpg


    Your upload stat usually doesn't include LTS, but the gross upload on the title bar should include LTS and overhead.



  7. There appears to be a misunderstanding here, between bits and Bytes. If bitcomet reports 12MB/s that is equal to 96mb/s, approx your max line speed. 1B=8b


    Your upload is likely slower because few of the peers can take data from you as fast as you can upload and adding more peers means more work and you are overloading your hdd. In order to efficiently use your connection you would need a faster drive like an SSD, or you could increase your disc cache size to reduce stress on your hdd, assuming you have enough ram that you can dedicate to cache, or you can try seeding one torrent at a time.

  8. it sounds like you might have two routers, the hub and your wifi, then a third with your VPN. Did you reads the FAQs on wiki.bitcomet.com?  One of our former staff did a great job on setting up bitcomet on your network. I'd also stop using vpn until you get this sorted, maybe even use ethernet instead of wifi, then add and diagnose these additional networks one at a time. It's possible you have multiple issues, and all have to be fixed for the listening port to work.  


    the port test is yellow if port is blocked, green if open, and grey if the test cannot complete. VPN often blocks connections to/from our test server, as can a firewall or IP filter.


    Good Luck, and others should be by to offer more help

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