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  1. Please specify, have you tried to run a known good torrent? This problem, when reported by new users is most often due to selecting a dead torrent. A torrent must have seeders, or it will not complete. If you like, I could find you a good torrent to test your client. Suspect
  2. I have checked on this torrent for you. I suggest you delete this torrent, as it is an amature performing billy idol songs. Its quality is very poor as well. This also explains why there are no seeders, and anyone who has downloaded this would surely shut down the torrent once they realized it is crap. Suspect
  3. Please explain what is your reason for attaching this file? Suspect
  4. Hallo, Dieses Forum ist nur englische Sprache. Ihr Englisch muß nicht vollkommen sein. Sie können diese Verbindung verwenden, um zu übersetzen, wenn Sie mögen. Ihr grammer und Rechtschreibung müssen korrekt sein, damit der Übersetzer richtig arbeitet. http://babelfish.altavista.com Suspect
  5. true, but most ISPs provide much less upload vs. download. However if we all do our part in seeding, the download times will be shorter and shorter as the torrent continues. Suspect
  6. Welcome to the forum, make your self at home. Suspect
  7. If you get the torrent from the source, the password will be with the torrent. If the torrent was picked up with a search and added to someones database, then you will have to dig to try and find it. The first step is to look up the tracker, visit their web site or forum. Sometimes you can use a search engine like google to search the file name, and/or torrent name. Sometimes the password is in the torrent name. Some release groups always use the same password. Suspect
  8. I agree that chat should be only enabled with users that want to chat. Many people perfer to not chat with others they do not know. Having children and grandchildren, I would not want them chatting with people I havn't approved. Suspect
  9. If you have managed to get on the school "lan" or "wireless lan" without their knowledge, then there is no way they can trace it to you (that I know of), and surely not if your connection is wireless. However, I'm sure they will notice if you have a huge bandwidth usage, and they have a good admin, as this will surely not escape his attention. Suspect
  10. I would be glad to help you. Please make a new topic in general help and provide a list of files in the torrent. Suspect
  11. finding the best settings for your connection requires alittle trial and error. Here is a good place to start. Find a good healthy torrent (most linux torrents are extremely fast) Obeserve your max upload speed. If you seem to max out at 50kB/s, the set your max upload at 40kB/s (80 percent of your max) Use this setting for downloading, and use unlimited when seeding. Basically bit torrent is designed to provide the most data to peers that upload the most, however if your upload bandwidth is using all for data, then you will be slow to respond to requests, and will severly hurt your downl
  12. as for using proxys with bit torrent, it will slow your download speed to a crawl... If your want to limit who gets your ip address, the I suggest using a program like peer guardian (look up on google) or Block List Manager. Suspect
  13. Hi Lucie, Some trackers do not allow dht on their torrents. If your dht is enabled, then it will connect to other peers only if they have dht enabled. If your problem is that you are never able to connect to dht with any torrents, then please clairfy this. Regards, Suspect
  14. Passwords on .rar files are common. It is possible for one movie to have hundreds of different passwords, so there is no way we can help you with the information you provided. The password should be provided by the website that lists the torrent. I will make no promises, but if you care to provide a link to the page where you found the torrent, I will have a look for you. Suspect
  15. It's not necessary to post the same request for help twice. Also, since you did not post what you downloaded, no one can help you. Do you have any idea how many torrents there are for this film??? I'm sorry, but we cannot read minds. Please post the complete list of files and a link to where you downloaded the torrent and we may be able to help you. Suspect
  16. it simply means that the files you are downloading cannot be played. If you would post the file names we could help you further. Suspect ps. If you want an excellant version of pirates of the caribbean, then I would recommend the "tus" release by Hockney. I could send you a link in pm if you like.
  17. I find your post a bit confusing. If you are saying your upload bandwidth is maxed out at 20kB/s, then I suggest you set your max upload to about 16kB/s when you are downloading, and unlimited when you are seeding. Suspect
  18. If you do not have admin access to your router, you will not be able to forward your port. You will still be able to download, but without a direct connection your download speeds will suffer. As for not being able to use some torrents, many users that use programs like Peer Gaurdian or Block List Manager will not allow connections to educational instutions. I believe some trackers will also not allow these connections. I will also add that if your collage has a good system administrator, you will prob not get away with downloading for very long. I would recommend using moderation in how mu
  19. I will comment on the issues bit comet has with private trackers. Bit Comet version 0.59 and 0.60 had a problem as under some conditions it would not respect the private trackers disabling dht network, which would allow peers to leach without being a member of that comunity. I can assure you that this has been corrected in version 0.61, and Bit Comet now fully respects private trackers. I will also add that either you made an error in your post, or you misunderstood the requirements of many private trackers. Many private trackers require you to have a minium of 1:1 ratio, and higher ratios
  20. That is a complex question. There is no law against downloading music or video in any country I am aware of. However if the material is copyrighted, and does not have permission of its owner, then it is illegal. as for the gameboy emulator, I havn't a clue... Suspect
  21. I would do a full system search for the file/s. I'm not personally aware of any conflict with vista beta, but have heard several reports of bugs in the newest vista beta 2. I would think that the files have to be there if bit comet sees them as complete. Perhaps you can enable viewing of system and hidden files (perhaps they were mislabled by vista). Suspect
  22. Hi random, Are you sure this is the percentage downloaded that this figure is refering to? Could you please make a screenshot and host it on a site such as Imageshack? If there is a problem with your version, it will be passed on to the developers, so getting a screenshot will be helpful to them. I would also compare the total file size/s that you have downloaded and compare this to the correct size they should be. Suspect
  23. I'm not certain if this is the case, but you should be aware that there are torrents out there that are designed to do just this... http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Bad_torrents now, if there are seeds, but your still stuck at this point, then its possible this is a malicious torrent. If there are no seeds present, then your torrent will not finish unless someone returns to seed it. You can often look up the trackers web page to request a seeder to return. Or just hope that one does show (many uploaders will check past torrents from time to time), at least the good ones do. One of th
  24. DHT stands for distributed hash table, its a way of having the peers perform the function of the tracker. This is not required to use bit torrent protocall, and some trackers do not allow using of dht. As for your torrents not working, are you using active torrent? or do you know that a torrent has to be active to work? If there are no seeds present, it will never download. I suggest you find an active torrent and confirm if there is really a problem with your setup, or if you have just chosen dead torrents, then we can help you better. If you would like to learn more about bit torrent pro
  25. I suggest you have a read here... http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Torre...p_at_99_percent although this normally applys to torrents that are seeded, but this could still be your problem. Most often its a setting on your router that changes the packets slightly and causes them to fail hash checks. as for using the uncompleted file as the other member suggested, this is possible, as long as its not a compressed archive (.zip or .rar). however the missing bit is not likely to be in the ending credits, as bit torrent does not download in order of first to last (could be anywhere in the v
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