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  1. Hi bobjim, When your torrent finishes downloading, it will then seed to others. Please keep seeding to a minium of 1.0 I often seed much, much longer if I like something. I am glad you are willing to do your part in making bit torrent work for all of us, so enjoy and keep seeding. Suspect ps. here is a good link to enhance your knowledge of bit torrent protocall... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bittorrent
  2. I think you are missunderstanding some of these numbers. Your computer must have a 100mb/s network card installed, so if you had two computers (lan) or (local area network), you could transfer data at 100mb/s between them. This has no effect regarding your internet connection, which from what you said is 8mb/s download and 1mb/s upload. Now, bit torrent protocall does not use the same measurement system, it uses B, or Bytes rather then b or bits. Since you have 8mb/s download max, that would be equal to 1mB/s, as bit torrent measures it. and your upload would be 1/8 of that. It is also ve
  3. Its possibe this is not related to bit comet. I suggest you try removing and reinstalling. I would also stop all other applications and observe if it is working. Suspect ps. If problem persists I would post a lot more info regarding your system and programs you are using.
  4. I'm not sure what the problem you are having is, but it would help to provide more information. Is there any tracker errors? Are the torrents well seeded? there are many reasons that a torrent doesn't download, and most times its just a dead torrent. Suspect ps. I would try a known good torrent (I can find you one if you like)
  5. this often happens to new users who don't understand how bit torrent works. Please check to see if the torrent is seeded. (a torrent without seeds will not download) If the torrent is seeded, then provide more info about this torrent so we can help you further. If your not sure what these terms mean, then I suggest you start here... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bittorrent Suspect
  6. You do not want to replace the files on the disc image "mdf" file. Normally the crack needs to replace the executable file you installed on your hard drive. When you installed the game, there was an option asking you where you wanted the program files to install. Go to that directory and replace the file with the cracked file. Note: I prefer to rename the orignal to something like "filename.old", rather then replace it (which would delete the orignal) If you can't remember where you installed the game, then its likely in c:\programfiles\name of game\ Just browse till you find it. Suspect
  7. I'm not sure why your video is crashing your encoding software. Some obvious things to check is that you have a computer that meets the minimum specs to run the program. Also, if you havn't done so, you may have to update your codecs. Our admin here recommended k lite codec pack, and I have had countless people use it and not one bad report (except from other members here) although I think this is just because they prefer a different pack. here is link... http://www.free-codecs.com/download/K_Lite_Codec_Pack.htm this pack is updated regularly and should contain any codecs you could nee
  8. I recommend you be clear about this. Does the bit comet program freeze? or your operating system freeze? If it is just bit comet, you will be able to open task manager (ctr, alt, del), and kill the process. If you cannot do anything, then it is your windows that is crashing (even if caused by conflict with bit comet) I'm sure more details will be helpful for our developers. In the meantime, you might want to step back to a previous version and see if the problems still exsists (a suggestion) Suspect
  9. Hi barbie, I grew up in NJ. Welcome to bitcomet forum. Suspect
  10. Please note that limiting upload speed can also decrease your download rate. Finding the best setting will take some practice. If you observe your client when running a very healthy torrent, take note of the upload speed and reduce it by 20%. This will free up some of your bandwidth to respond to the tracker and peers, and can give you better download speeds. However since bit torrent protocall gives more download to those who upload the most, the idea is to maintain as much upload as possible without slowing your responce time. Suspect
  11. bonjour, C'est un forum anglais. Si vous pouvez répondre en anglais nous pourrions fournir une meilleure aide. Je comprends que vous voulez faire un dvdr à partir de la vidéo téléchargée avec le torrent de peu. Nous devrions connaître quel type de vidéo vous avez téléchargé. Traduit avec le bablefish http://babelfish.altavista.com
  12. Krissy, its normal for the upload rate to change slightly during seeding. If you are running unlimited upload bandwidth, then your internet provider is limiting how much you can upload, so this is normal. Suspect
  13. Thanks bitdave... lol Bookmarked (and will be used a lot I assure you) Suspect rofl
  14. If you want a dvd player that will play most any format, the philips dvp 642 is a good pick. If you want to convert to dvd with nerovision, I posted a guide here in another topic, I will find the like if you like. However, if you want to download movies to play on your dvd player, kvcd is perhaps the best format. I won't attempt to fully explain kvcd in this post, but basically it will play on most dvd players and gives near dvd quality and is about 1/10th the size of a commercial dvd disc. Because of how hugh dvd downloads are, they often arn't well seeded, so you can easily download a d
  15. DHT (distributed hash table) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distributed_hash_table is used by peers so each peer operates as a tracker. This is an alternate way of tracking a torrent (very useful if the tracking web site is not working) I was correct in saying that dht is an alternate way of tracking a torrent. If dht doesn't work with some torrents, it could be that the torrent does not allow dht. Many private trackers don't enable dht, and will disable your dht connections to comply with bit torrent protocall. If this only happens with some torrents, then its likely not a problem. Sus
  16. we have no idea what you have downloaded. If you can't discribe exactly what you downloaded, the post a link to the page you got the torrent and perhaps we can have a look for you. Suspect
  17. dht is a secondary tracker and can only be used if the tracker allows dht, and some of the peers enabled dht. I suggest you read here to learn more about bit torrent protocall http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bittorrent Suspect
  18. Your welcome... :) I replyed to the other members post and explained dht a little, so feel free to review that post if you like. However, that article in Wikipedia has far more info then I could put in a post here. Suspect
  19. DHT is an alternate method of tracking a torrent, where the peers themself do the work of a tracker. If you cannot download a torrent, the first step would be to ensure you have selected a torrent that is seeded. If there is no seeders, then you cannot download. Dht must be enabled in your client, and the tracking website must allow for dht as well. Here is a link for you to review... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bittorrent Suspect Edit: This problem was that the torrent he was using was not active (no seeders). Problem resolved
  20. Hi, It seems you need to learn alittle about bit torrent protocall first. Here is a link to the basics of bit torrent... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bittorrent that article has links to anything and everything you could want to know about using bit torrent. Please take the time to do some reading, so we can help you better in getting your client up and running. Suspect
  21. I personally don't recommend doing this. Sometimes you can view a video, but there is a good chance that will cause problems. I prefer to wait till it is done. Suspect
  22. One thing to consider, is if there are seeders present in the torrent, but it will not finish, you may have a "bad" torrent... http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Bad_torrents Although most of these are designed to fail at slightly higher percentages, I'm sure this could possibly be the case with yours. If there are no seeders, then perhaps visit the tracker website and request someone to seed it for you. Suspect
  23. I have asked one of our admin to review this post, as there must be a serious problem here. If you are not uploading, the tracker should slow your download to almost nothing. I don't know if it is in fact uploading, but not registering in your client, or if something else has gone wrong here. Suspect
  24. I think you might want to try limiting your download bandwidth. In most cases, this is not necessary since most bit torrent users have more download bandwidth then upload, so we only need to limit our upload max to keep some bandwidth availble for the tracker. In your case, you might be maxing out what your lan can handle, and resetting. I suggest as a test you limit all users to say 300kB/s download and see if it fixes the problem, then you can adjust higher until you find a setting your lan can handle. Suspect
  25. Soraiya, Feel free to move the guide I attached to an easier to find location if you like. I plan on adding graphics to it, and more details (adding chapters, menus etc) Suspect
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