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  1. Do all your torrents run like that? That is a very fast download speed, not often seen with bit torrent. It could be that there were no peers to upload to, only seeders (peers with 100%) If there are peers and you cannot upload, then you surely have a problem. What is strange is that bit torrent protocal will reduce the download rate to peers that arn't providing upload, so your story is unique. Suspect
  2. these screenshots are so small I cannot read them, and when I download and zoom in, it still cannot be read. I suggest you provide links to the full size images at your photobucket account. Suspect
  3. Hi, I just attached a guide for another member in this post... http://forums.bitcomet.com/index.php?showtopic=1352&hl= It will convert most any video to dvd. If you want movies to play in your dvd player, you should consider downloading kvcd films, they burn to cdr disc and are designed to play on dvd players. Suspect
  4. I have seen it take from one to ten hours to encode a dvd from various souce files jim. There are many factors that effect how long it takes, but computer speed and amount of resources availble are a factor. When I make a dvd, I start the encoding before I go to bed, and its done when I awake. There is no short cut as the video is converted frame by frame. As for nero, many people have gone back to version six, but I use seven and have had good results. I have attached the guide you requested Suspect Avi_to_DVD_with_Nerovision.doc
  5. I'm sure you will find a file.nfo after you decompress the .rar files. If you get a disc image file, then there will likely be the needed info contained within the disc after you burn or mount it. Suspect
  6. As for nero, each time you start it, nero attempts to connect to the net. If you have a good firewall, you can stop it from connecting. As for converting video files, there are countless programs to do this. If you like I can give you a guide for converting video files to dvd with nerovision. You might also enjoy downloading kvcd videos, as they are designed to play on most dvd players, and can be only 1/10th the size of a dvd, yet still have excellant quality. Suspect
  7. Here is some info on "bad torrents" http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Bad_torrents Suspect
  8. There are some release groups that do exceptional "cam" work. maVen is first rate for example. A "telesnyc" is when a separate audio track is added to the "cam" video (often captured from headphone jack many movies offer for hearing disabled). Suspect
  9. Hi, If your Upload is running at maxium of 60kB/s, try setting global max upload to 48kB/s, this will allow your client some bandwidth to respond to the tracker faster, and could greatly increase your download speed. Suspect
  10. If you shut down your client, then rename the folder, then restart the torrent like when you first downloaded it, but select your save location to the newly named folder. Your client will then scan (rehash) the files and begin seeding. By renaming the folder, you in effect "moved" the files, and your client no longer knows they are there. Suspect
  11. If your internet connection is 768kb/s download, which is measured in bits, meaning your max possible download measured in bytes is 96kB/s, as bit torrent measures. I suggest you visit a site that tests your connection speed, to determine what speeds you have for both upload and download. There are several possible causes for slow download, one is that some ISPs slow down bit torrent traffic. However its more likely that your upload bandwidth is being bogged down, which we can change in your settings. http://infinite-source.de/az/az-calc.html That site can recommend setting based on your
  12. Yes, I agree about the speed. Your lan card might be rated at 100mb/s, but that is not your isp rated speed. From what you have told us concerning your bit torrent speed, I would think you have maybe 1mb/s not 100 You also prob. have all your upload bandwidth used to send data, so your client is sluggish to respond to the tracker, therefore giving you slow download speed as well. Assuming this is correct (which I can not be certain), I suggest you limit your upload speed to 10kB/s, and see if that helps increase your download speed. However, this will mean you have to seed the torrent lon
  13. Ok, I will try this one... does the torrent have any seeders? do you understand that a torrent only downloads if there are other users to connect to? and at least some of them have to have the complete files (seeders). If you select a torrent that is dead, it will never work Suspect ps. this is my best guess, as your post doesn't make much sense.
  14. additional though... If you go to the trackers web site, you may be able to request a reseed. This often works, and there is no harm in trying. Suspect
  15. Hi, This is a really easy question. .rar is a compressed archive, just like a .zip, but is a multiple part (spanned) archive. You need do use WinRar You can download a trial version from rar labs. Use google to find it. Then just extract the first part, and it will open them all. If you want a really simple way to use the program, just right click and "extract here" Suspect ps. I know your in a hurry, and your time is valuable, but this info is posted in the forum here, and don't you think our time is just as valuable? Please take the time to read and learn these things, and you will
  16. Hey, I think you missunderstood my post. I was refering to a tool called wpakill, just as an example of a file that is "labled" as a virus, but only does exactly what it claims to do. In this case, I think microchit pressured them to lable it as such to stop people from using it, and it almost did just that, until I researched it. It prob should have been labled as a PUP, not a virus. Suspect
  17. I downloaded a program (tool) to activate windows xp, believe it or not, to activate my legit copy of winxp that microsoft could not get to activate, for a very complex reason I won't get into now, but the file, "wpakill.exe" was deleted as being a trojen virus by McAfee a/v. When I went to mcafee site to see what type of virus it was, it was plainly labled as a "tool" and the ONLY thing it did was disable windows product activation... Grrr... In other words, its NOT a virus, and all it does is EXACTLY what it was made for... lol Suspect ps. I'm not sure about the file you speak of, but
  18. I'm not sure I completely understand what you are asking, so will make this as simple as possible (assuming you don't understand how the bit torrent protocall works) When your file finishes downloading, your client will continue to "upload" to others that have not reached 100% It is important that you continue running the torrent untill you have uploaded at least as much as you have downloaded. Bit torrent cannot work if people stop when download is finished. Suspect
  19. I'm sorry to say that I don't really understand your question... :( There is no need to use a browser to download torrents. If you are talking about searching for and downloading the torrent files, then any browser will do, but keep in mind that "Internet Explorer" will report your browsing history to microsoft. I recommend using Mozilla Firefox. Its free, and much more secure, faster, and more resistant to spyware/addware, and can be customized with hundreds of themes and extensions. Suspect
  20. You are missing the whole point. Just start the download to see if your speeds are good. you DO NOT have to finish the download, and it doesn't matter what files/programs in includes. THIS IS JUST A TEST Suspect
  21. The most effective way to remove the file is to write down the path to the file. c:\BlahBlah\blahblah\moreblah\filename.xxx Now reboot in safemode "command prompt" only. now you can delete the file using the "del" command. although it can be done with one command, I prefer to move to the directory where the file is... c:\ enter cd BlahBlah enter cd blahblah enter cd moreblah enter now you can view the files with "dir" enter then type... del filename.xxx Then you can use "dir" again to confirm it is NOT there. Then reboot your PC. Another option is to restart windows in safe
  22. Hi I suggest you not reply to questions from within the "quotes", as its confusing to understand. You can put each question in "quotes" by doing the following... [quote]enter question here[/quote] or by simply putting the others members inside "these" It will make your reply easier to understand. suspect ps. if you prefer to test on a small download, there are a few small ones (30mb) at the site I posted.
  23. Hi, What is your max upload and download speeds provided by your isp? Also, I suggest you run ONE very healthy torrent, and observe what your upload speeds are, then limit your max upload to about 80% of its adverage speed. This will allow some of your bandwidth to communicate with the tracker. This seems to be the most common problem with bit torrent protocall. Its kinda ironic since the first rule of bit torrent is the more you upload, the more download the tracker will send, but if your client is using all your bandwidth to upload, it will be slow to respond to the tracker, and you will
  24. If your internet connection is that fast, I would be supprised, as very few ISPs will give users anywhere near that bandwidth. However, since you said that you share the connection, this explains alot. In order to run bit torrent successfully, you will need to configure the port that your client uses to connect directly to the tracker. You will need access to the adminstrators account in the router or network admin in order to forward all traffic on that port to your computer. If you don't do this, you requests for data and responces from the tracker will be delayed, and your download spee
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