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  1. Recieving bad data could be cause by many reasons, one of which could be connection errors on your end. If you are regularly getting these errors, I suggest you contact your isp, and ask them to check your connection. This is very easy for them to do, and if you have abnormal packett loss, they will repair it. It sure wouldn't hurt to have them check Suspect
  2. is this error when you download the "file.torrent"? or when you open the torrent in bit comet? Also, are you sharing a network connection? or are you the only user of the internet connection? Suspect
  3. I am very pleased that this problem is resolved... :) suspect
  4. Here is the procedure to change ports... options->preferences->listen port. If you are using a router make sure Upnp is enabled. Let us know if this helps. suspect
  5. Hey, If you really didn't understand you have to run the .torrent file to get the download, then I can understand why you didn't provide any information in your post, so I will provide some basic information for you to review. First thing is to read this link... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bittorrent It explains the basics of bittorrent. It also has links to anything you could possibly want to know regaurding bit torrent protocall. If you want to become a torrent user, you will need to learn these things, so this is a good place to start. If however, you DID run the torrent, and sucessf
  6. These large torrents are often not seeded well. To assist you further, I suggest you read the faqs, and learn more about bit torrent protocall, as there is no simple answer to this question. Here is a good resource... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bittorrent we would also need to know alot more information about your system and connection, but I suggest you do some reading, and you will know better what questions to ask Sincerely, Suspect
  7. I suggest you test with a very healthy torrent, let the torrent upload to its maxium, observe your upload rate, then set max upload to 80% of your observed upload. If your upload is running at 50kB/s, then set the max to 40, or possibly a little less. This will free up some upload bandwidth to comunicate with the tracker, and could greatly improve your download speeds. If you want a torrent to test your connection with, I suggest you try my friends site, as they are all seeded by high speed servers, and all torrents are completely legal. http://newvoyages.blogsite.org There are several sm
  8. Perhaps you can disable the option to add the .bc to the incomplete files, since it seems to have an issue. I do however suspect there is a problem with the program, and you might want to consider reinstalling your bit comet. It would also be a good idea to upgrade to a newer version, as your version has given bit comet a poor standing with private trackers. Suspect
  9. Hi, first I would suggest trying a different port. Also, if you are using a router, you will need to configure it properly for your client to function at peek performance. Do you know what port you were using before you uninstalled you client? I suggest you try some random numbers in the 40,000 to 60,000 range. Some isps restrict common bit torrent ports. Suspect
  10. I would be glad to help you, but I asked you what files you download, and asked you to provide specific information, and you provided nothing at all??? Even though this is not related to bit comet, I can still provide alittle assistance, but you are making it impossible to help you. Suspect
  11. Another option would to lookup the tracking web site and request someone to reseed the torrent for you. I personally avoid torrents that do not have seeds, as in most cases, you can find what your looking for without downloading a dead torrent for days, weeks or longer. Suspect
  12. How many seeders and peers are listed as using the torrent? Suspect
  13. Hi, Thank you for this additional data. It is possible that the torrent is not truely healthy. Also, are you using default port setting? I would recommend a port between 40,000 to 60,000. If you want a torrent to test if your system is working properly, I suggest you go here and download one of the small files listed at my friends site, as they are all seeded by high speed servers, so should give you excellant speed, and they are all completely legal. http://newvoyages.blogsite.org As for your upload speed, if you have not limited it, you should do so. However, you should be able to seed
  14. This error usually occures when two programs are trying to use the same file/s I suggest shutting down your programs, rebooting your computer, and see if it reoccures. The cause of this is impossible to diagnose without a LOT more information. Please do as I recommended, and report. If problem still is present, try to close all unneeded applications. Suspect
  15. What upload and download speeds does your ISP provide? also, what upload speed do your torrents show? We need to be sure you connection is capable of faster speeds, before we chase after the cause of slow download. Your max. download you have observed is 30kB/s or 240kb/s If your upload is also running at that speed, you might have to lower it a bit, to free up some bandwidth for the trackers responses. Suspect
  16. Please provide more information... We cannot read minds, and have no idea what you downloaded??? Post COMPLETE file names... Post the COMPLETE name of torrent... Post a link to the page where you downloaded it. Suspect
  17. This torrent is on a private tracker, and not permissable for public to download. Some of these private trackers will allow you to register and download, others will let you join only if a member recommends you, and some are closed to anyone other then their members. I will see what I can find out about this tracker, but it might not help. Suspect EDIT: It appears that this tracker and its forum are not online, or perhaps hidden. I did some searching and found a link to their forum, but it contained the same search page as the address you provided. My advice is to not waste your time wi
  18. Hi, It's not possible to help you with the information you have provided. For starters, what type of internet connection are you using, and what upload and download speeds does your isp provide? Do you have a router? or is your internet connection shared with other computers? Do all torrents run this slow? What upload speed does this torrent show? Suspect
  19. I recommend to only run one torrent at a time, unless you have a good upload speed, like 1024 kb/s and above. If your upload speed is low, then you will end up using all your upload bandwidth trying to keep multiple torrents running, and will cause your client respond to the tracker slowly, and you will not be sent your fair share of download data. If you limit your upload, and its divided among multiple torrents, then the trackers are likely to make your data low priority. It is also not nice to other peers to connect to them, and provide only a small amount of data, since they would be be
  20. what are the complete file names that you downloaded? Suspect
  21. the ratio issue is easy to answer. bit torrent relys on each peer (user) to upload as much as they download. Basically, if you download something that is not a "fake" or poor quality, the keep the torrent seeding until your ratio is 1.0 or higher. If you find that the download is Very good, then be kind and seed longer, as someone has to cover for the leechers that grab the files and shut down. As for banning peers, I suggest you get peer gaurdian 2, and it will update lists of "bad peers" and block connections with them. Another reason to block a peer is if that peer is sending bad data.
  22. You can block peers in some clients, or use a program like Peergaurdian, or Protowall with Block List Manager to keep known anti P2P and government addresses from connecting to you. Although you can block indivitual peers, I would suspect that if you don't know how to do this, then your not going to understand reasons to do such. If you are not an expirenced bit torrent user, I recommend you get peergaurdian 2 Its very easy to use, and google can find it for you. Hopefully this will keep the "bad guys" from sending complaints to your isp if your downloading copyrighted material. Suspect
  23. This is windows file protection at work hehehe... Microsoft built this into its newer operating systems, but it drives people crazy sometimes. If the torrent is still loaded in your client, then you will not be able to delete the files. Please be sure you seeded a minimum of 1:1 before you delete the .rar files. then remove the torrent, and close your client, and you should be able to delete the files. Worse case you may need to reboot. If you are comfortable with doing so, you can disable windows file protection, type that into a google search and there are many guides posted. Do this
  24. Very good, It appears this issue is resolved. If you ever have need to share the modems connection with two or more computers, then you will need to setup port forwarding, after installing a router. I'm glad we were able to help, and your english is quite good, and far, far better then my spanish :P Suspect
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