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  1. That is NOT a good idea to have your computer in DMZ Please remove it, and remove all the spyware and viruses that you surely have by now... :o You need to setup a virtual server, and open ONLY the port that your bit torrent client uses. portforward.com has a step by step guide with graphics. I too use a dlink router. If you need help, send me a pm here, or if you want to reach me faster, I can be reached at... http://tus-kvcd-group.com Suspect
  2. I assume the link Const posted said this, but to be sure, the safest way to recover this data is to not use the drive it on. If the pc has only one hard drive, then its recommended to remove the drive, and run a recovery program on a DIFFERENT drive to recover the data. The good news is, if a "less the perfect" file is recovered, there is a good chance it can be salvaged by running a hash check by starting the torrent again, and your client will replace any missing parts. Suspect
  3. If your continued connection attempts to your computer are causing this problem, and I'm sure you have enabled port forwarding in your router, right? If so, then I would disable the port forwarding, and stop the connections in your router, so they don't get to your pc. I don't know what router you use, but its not hard to disable it, and it can me done in just a few seconds after you have done it a few times. Even if this doesn't fix the problem, it will at least rule out this as a cause. Suspect ps. if you need help with this, send me a PM, I will give you a link to my support team
  4. Const is correct, as you are confusing bits "b" with Bytes "B" your isp provides speeds in bits, and bit torrent protocall measures Bytes 8 bits = 1 Byte Now you speeds should seem more in line with your connection. Suspect
  5. In theory, this idea is good, but bit torrent doesn't look at file names to determine if the file is correct, like your program does. It would have to run a hash check on the file with the same name, and it would have to match exactly. Two files can have the same name, but be different. Imagine a letter named letter.doc A second letter named letter.doc, but the second had a ps. at the bottom, so it would fail the hash check. To incorporate this into a bit torrent client, it would have to find the file with the same name, then hash check that file, which would be a drain on system resourc
  6. I think you might want to contact your isp, and have your connection tested. I know your bit torrent traffic can overload your connection, but not to the point that you need to reboot your modem, but bad connections on your line CAN do this, and i have diagnosed this problem many times. Your isp can test the connection from their end, and will send a repair man if you have unacceptable packet loss. Suspect PS. I have personally had this problem as well.
  7. I would like to add something that you may not be aware of... Your isp provides a speed of 1500kb/s This speed is measured in "k" (1000) "b" (bits) per second Your bit torrent client measures in kB/s this speed is measured in "k" (1000) "B" (Bytes) per second so there are 8 "bits" to equal 1 "Byte" this will give you a max download rate of 187kB/s Since there is comunition between you and the tracker, this will make your effective download max more like 150kB/s Since bit torrent protocall distributes the most data to the clients that upload the most, you are not often going to approac
  8. your client provides data as it is requested by the tracker. When you pause, or shut down the torrent, your client does not provide the data the tracker requests, so it drops you... When you restart the torrent, it will take time for the tracker to send you requests again. Bit torrent protocall is not designed to start and stop like this, so try not to stop your torrents unless necessary, and its normal for it to take a while to pick up again. Suspect
  9. I'm glad you found out how to extract your .rar archives. In the future, you can "right click" and chose "extract here" anytime you want to extract .rar files. Now, once you extracted the video, you can now delete the .rar files, as you won't need them since the video file is on your hard drive now. There is absolutely no need to extract the files again to watch the movie! One word of caution, sometime when winrar installs, it identifys .iso files as compressed archives, this is NOT correct. You can change the settings by clicking on "options" then "settings", then click on the "Integrati
  10. This is a common problem for some router users. I recommend providing more info with your questions, or we really can't help you very much. but to take a guess (which I hate to do), some routers change the data slightly when "gaming mode" is enabled. Instead of racking my brain to remember the details, I will post a link for you to read... http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Torre...p_at_99_percent Suspect
  11. I think the first step would to monitor cpu and memory usage when this occurs also, does your entire o/s stop responding? or just that program? If its just bit comet, then I think it might have a conflict with some of your resources, or could be a corrupt file its trying to use. Have you tried to reinstall your bit comet? That might be a good first test, since reinstall would be much less work then figuring out the problem and repairing. Suspect
  12. I assume you speak spanish, so understand your difficulty with english. To make the other members reply more clear, its easy to tell if you have a router. If there are more then one computer using the modem, then you have a box (router) hooked up to the modem. If it is one computer, then you can select any port you like, no need to setup port forwarding. Suspect Puedo traducir al español si está necesitado
  13. Hi, Some of these games burn to dvdr some to cdr discs, so you need to have the correct disc and burner. As for a free cd burner, I assume you mean the program, not the burner? Alcohol 120% is an execant program, its not free, but you can find it on torrent sites, or download a trial version direct from them. It will burn any dvd or cd, and does alot of game discs that other programs will not. Suspect
  14. well, the admin here first recommended the k lite pack to me some time ago, and it has served me, and many others well. and since its regularly updated, I'm not sure why you say its "out dated" or "crap" I've recommended it to countless people on my site, and never had one problem. I'm certainly not going to call your codec "crap" or "out dated" I have also never run into a video format that it can't handle. Suspect (tus kvcd group Support team)
  15. Hi, do you really have a 100mb/s isp? or are you quoting your lan speed? Most local area networks run on 100mb/s, but most broadband, even ones that are considered fast are 5-8 mb/s The fastest connection availble here in the usa is 25mb/s unless its commercial use. anyway, to configure your dlink router, I suggest you visit portforward.com, as they have a step by step guide for your dlink router, and it will walk you through the whole process, and even has screenshots, so you can't go wrong. Once you have selected a static IP address, forwarded your bit comets port in the router, then kn
  16. If you use a program like alcohol 120% or deamon tools, you can "mount" the disc image in a virtual cdrom drive, and install the game. I prefer alcohol personally. The .nfo file will have instructions on installing the game, just open it in notepad. Suspect
  17. I was thinking your system might "incorrectly" be identifying these as hidden system files. I suggest you enable viewing of hidden and system files, in folder options. I can't imagine why else they would not be there, but if you list the file names, perhaps we could assist you further. Suspect
  18. Hi, you can open the .nfo file in notepad as a .txt document. It contains info about the release group that made the torrent. The bin/cue files are disc images, which you can burn with a program like Nero, or alcohol 120% You can also mount the disc images in a virtual cdrom drive. If I knew exactly what kind of torrent you downloaded, I could give you more info. I will attach a guide to burn these discs with neroexpress... Suspect BurningBinCueWithNeroExpress7.txt
  19. just reformatting your hard drive will not effect the speed of your downloads. I think you must have a configuration problem that needs to be resolved in order to improve download speeds. I hate to just guess at things that "might" cause this problem, but have you setup a static ip address since you reformatted? and if so, have you adjusted your routers port forwarding settings to match your current ip address? Suspect
  20. I'm glad to have been part of helping you. I would advise that you review my reply to your other post, as your settings may change when you reboot your computer. Suspect
  21. good to hear its working. I suggest you write down the ip address you used in your port forwarding in your router, and when you reboot, go to command prompt and type "ipconfig /all and compare ip address to be sure it remains the same, if it changes, then you will have to change your port forward settings in the router to match your ip address. Its one thing to get it to work with dynamic ip address, and another to have it work after each reboot. Suspect
  22. I will have to refer you to videolan.org for support regarding their product. although you might want to redownload the setup file, and install again, after uninstalling. It is possible the download was corrupted. I have not heard of anyone having this problem with vlc. Suspect
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