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  1. Yes, its very possible. I have had these errors twice with comcast broadband in usa One time they had to replace connectors on the main line out on the street, and another time it was a bad splitter. They can test the connection for packett loss from their tech support section. I think it would be the next logical area to explore, and I'm sure others can suggest other possiblilities Suspect
  2. the k lite codec pack has almost any codec you could possibly need in it. I suggest you use the default settings on which codecs to install, meaning don't check away all the codecs thinking more is better... :) It also has "media player classic" which will play most any video file type you can find. and yes, it has the codecs you mentioned... :) as for "realplayer", there is a program called "realalternative", which is much better then realplayer, I recommend that also. another good player, as I have mentioned is "vlc" player, and is also a free download from videolan.org your basketb
  3. If you are certain of this, then I suggest you delete the files and move on. Suspect
  4. there could be many torrents for that movie at demoniod. Once again... complete name of TORRENT, not movie List of files downloaded a link to the page where you downloaded the torrent. With these three things we should be able to help you Suspect
  5. I would suggest that you ask your isp to check your line, this is very easy for them to do. If your problem is infact related to connection errors, then you might need to have one of their technicians repair the lines. Suspect
  6. Here is a post that I found useful in getting past the connection limit. I have had several reports that this has resolved this issue from bit torrent users with sp2 installed. I'm also told that bitcomet has adapted by increasing the number to a slightly higher amount (exactly what amount I'm not sure), but since many of us use more then one client, for what ever reason, I have provided this info. although 16 million is alittle more then needed :P so I would recommend setting a number you feel safe with. I can also say that bit comet users have had this problem, even with the newer vers
  7. although Norton is fairly good at detecting viruses, it is known to be a cpu hog. In my opinion, confirmed by the tests I posted links to, kaspersky is the best. I also use mcafee. Suspect
  8. you can keep waiting, but if no seeder returns, the download will never finish. I avoid torrents that don't have seeders, unless I resign myself to the fact that it may never finish, before I start it. Suspect
  9. we need to know exactly what you downloaded to help you. I recommend you post the name of the files you downloaded, and a link to the page where you downloaded the torrent. Suspect
  10. as I recommended, be sure you REPLACE the windows firewall, with a good firewall. Sygate, Mcafee are a couple good ones that I have used. As for daves suggestion that bit comet has a patch to avoid this problem, this is indeed possible. I however use several different clients, and prefer to resolve the problem at its source, then to tweek the clients to "work arround" the issue. I can tell you that this patch has resolved this issue with a great many of happy downloaders :) I also suggest that if the problem is resolved, that you have your isp check your connection, as there may be a conne
  11. This would only be possible if you create a new torrent, and seed it yourself. Although it would be possible to create a program that starts that torrent with the options to only select the files you want, but writing this program would require much more work then manually selecting the files, and the program would only apply to the client it was designed for. I can't imagine a reason to do this personally. Suspect
  12. Dave, fat32 can support downloads larger then 4gb, so long as no one file is larger then 4gb. Suspect
  13. Its possible that the files you are downloading are not currently seeded. If most of the peers are all stuck at this level, or your not connected to any seeds, then the file cannot finish until someone returns to seed the torrent. This can be avoided by checking for seeds BEFORE you start the torrent. If the files is currently seeded, but the download stops, then there is a problem which will require more info to resolve. Suspect
  14. Here is a good resource for bit torrent... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bittorrent there are links to anything you could possibly want to know. Suspect
  15. Catapiller, I suggest you start a new topic, and provide details about your system, like type of internet connection, if you are using a router etc... to add your problem to this thread will only add to the confusion of others Suspect
  16. As long as your router is connected to your pc, you will need to have the port forwarded correctly. As I mentioned, when you reboot, your dynamic IP address may change, which will no longer be forwarded correctly in your router. I also mentioned that you can enter your routers setup each time you reboot (only if you want to run torrents), and change the settings. Yes, this may seem like a pain, but will only take a minute or so, once you learn how and have done it several times. Another option, since you said you will not be using the other computer while running torrents, is simply disconn
  17. a fake file inside a folder will not prevent you from opening the folder. I think you have possible virus/addware/spyware/malware infecting your computer, and even if your antivirus doesn't detect anything, that doesn't mean your system is clean. Try the following... Spybot search and destroy, its freeware and has a resident program that will stop this crap before it installs, and will prevent any registry edits without your permission. Ad-aware, also has a free version, which will do the job fine, no need to purchase the full version. I also use "xoft", which has found stuff that the oth
  18. This should help... Event 4226. Thats something Microsoft put in SP2 .Microsoft put this is to protect against the spread of worms and the such. But It puts a limit on P2P applications too. Event 4226 limits the max tcp connections u can recieve and/or send. B4 SP2 it was unlimited. With SP2 its 8 or 10. Some P2P programs tinker with it and make the value 50. Thats cool for most ppl, but nothing beats unlimited. To see if you get Event 4226, (This method of finding it is for ppl with XP Home/Pro) go to Start/Settings/Control Panel. Click on Admin. Tools. Click Event Viewer. Click on System.
  19. Hi, I assume you have service pack two installed. If so, then you have a common problem. Service pack two will stop connections after a certian number of connection errors. I will return and post more info on this in a few minutes. In the mean time, can you confirm if you infact are using sp2? suspect
  20. hi, Are you sure that the second source is in fact the same files as the torrent? If they are, and you are using a router, then you should read here... http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Torre...p_at_99_percent Suspect ps. you might try removing the torrent, then restarting it, chosing the location of the complete files as save location, then it should hash the files, counting to 100% then start seeding. By this, I mean don't add to the location where they were being stored by your client, rather a separate loacation where the complete download was saved. If it then starts downloading,
  21. Hi, If you are using a router, and gaming mode is enabled, this can cause your problem. Gaming mode does something to alter the files that will cause hash errors to appear, so the very last bit of data will never complete. Read more here... http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Torre...p_at_99_percent Also, some torrents are designed to fail, know as bad torrents. They usually don't quite make it to this percentage, but you can read more here... http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Bad_torrents Please let me know if I can assist you further. Suspect
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