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  1. If windows cannot read the registry, then you have some corrupted files, or possible a hardware failure, likely bad sectors on your hard drive.

    as for service pack two, you can only remove it if you selected to creat a restore when it was installed.

    As for firewall, I suggest you get a good one.

    Please also consider the fact that you may have a virus and/or some malware on your system that surrived the reformatting, or was reinstalled from some of your backups.

    I would run a good hard disc testing program, many PCs come with such programs, as there are many.

    I would also make antivirus software and firewall your top priority.


  2. I do that, but it keeps creating a shortcut, not replacing it.

    Please think about what you are saying so we can understand you clearly.

    Exactly what are you doing, and what steps???

    I don't like to try and guess what steps you are doing, and offer incorrect advice, but assume you are trying to copy the .exe file into the install directory?

    If so, I suggest you first rename the orignal .exe file to something like .xxx, then right click on the new .exe file, select "copy", then go to the install directory, where the old .exe file is, and right click and select "paste"


    ps. if this is not the correct operation you are attempting, then please be specific in your question.

  3. I would be glad to help, but need to know exactly what files you are using, and what type of disc you want to make.

    For burning disc images, I use Alcohol 120% or Nero, both are good products.

    If you want to encode the video to dvd format, then I need to know what files you have.


  4. I have a question, are you using service pack two?

    I have seen this problem many times that was resolved by reverting back to service pack 1a.

    If you have a good antivirus and firewall, then sp2 is not needed, and seems to make many systems unstable.

    If you are not using sp2, then I suspect you are having a driver conflict. I would recommend downloading the latest drivers for all your hardware, as its likely the problem has been resolved in new driver releases.

    Its very hard to diagnose this problem in a forum post, but hope this gives you a couple paths to follow.


  5. The .mdf and .mds files are a disc image.

    Download and install Alcohol 120% to either burn this to a disc, or mount the image in a virtual cdrom drive.

    Then after you install this disc, you replace the .exe file with the supplyed .exe file, and you are done.

    I hope this helps.


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