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  1. I prefer using Alcohol 120% to mount and burn disc image files, but daemon tools will also work fine. You can mount both discs in separate virtual cdrom drives, or change which one is mounted when the program prompts for second disc. Suspect
  2. I assume you are refering to "media player classic" Here is a link to the k lite codec pack, which includes media player classic... http://www.free-codecs.com/K_Lite_Codec_Pack_download.htm Also, if you are trying to view the "sample" that many videos include, the correct proceedure is to download just that file before starting the complete torrent, if you start the complete torrent, you then will need to wait till download is finished. Suspect
  3. Hi, there are many factors related to the speed of torrents. First, if you are using a router, do you have the port your client uses forwarded in your router? What speed does your isp provide? both upload and download what upload and download speeds is the torrent running at now? Suspect
  4. although member "caf" is prob correct, I don't like to assume that I know what file types you have downloaded, so if you want a more percise answer, then please do the following. Post a list of the files you downloaded. Post the full name of torrent, and a link (url) to the page where you downloaded the torrent. then we can assist you further... Suspect
  5. There are several things you can check. Are the torrents you mentioned have alot of peers that are all stuck at this level? If so, its possible they could be bad torrents... http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Bad_torrents If all your torrents gradually slow down to a stop, and you are using windowsXP service pack two, then try shutting down your client and restart it, if that corrects the problem, then there is a fix for that issue. You need to increase the max amount of connection errors allowed. I can post instructions to do this here, if none exsist already. If none of this info is
  6. I suggest you look up the tracker of this torrent, and post your request for a reseed. Please also consider that there may be several torrents for this game, possibly hundreds and only one of them has the files you need, so asking for a seed by the name of the game is futile. I recommend posting a link to the page where you downloaded the torrent, so possible seeders can tell if they have the correct files to seed for you. Suspect
  7. Either will change the port number. It depends if you want to manually chose it, or let your client pick one at random. Suspect
  8. Hi, the "vlc player" is a media player, not codecs. the k lite codec pack is very good, and includes media player classic as for that torrent, if it is a basketball game from january 17th, judging from what you have posted, then it is likely that the torrent is no longer active. The fact that its showing 0% complete would confirm this. I suggest testing your client with a known good torrent, so you are aware of the functions and understand how the bit torrent protocall works. If you need a good torrent to test with, try here... http://newvoyages.blogsite.org I mention this site, run by
  9. spybot is a good program, and good advice. I would not recommend avg antivirus. Here is a link that reviewed quite a few antivirus programs and avg did poorly... http://www.virus.gr/english/fullxml/default.asp?id=69&mnu=69 Suspect ps. link from soraiya EDIT: in a newer test they did, avg did slightly better, but far from acceptable in my opinion... http://www.virus.gr/english/fullxml/default.asp?id=72&mnu=72
  10. I can not say if bit comet is related to this crash problem, but have seen service pack two cause this error on many occasions. If you do reinstall your operating system again, I suggest using service pack 1a, its much more stable. I would also update all your drivers, as these problems are often corrected in driver updates. Suspect
  11. Hi, besides the .bin files, there should also be .cue files. If you can't see them, this is because you need to enable viewing file extensions in windows. The .cue file is an instruction sheet for burning the .bin (disc image) file. Alcohol will burn them for you, just select the .cue file (same name as bin file) for each disc, and burn. Suspect PS. I can post instructions to enable viewing of file extensions if its not posted here yet, let me know
  12. I suggest you post a list of the files that you downloaded. Also, post a link to the page where you downloaded the torrent. Your problem is not related to bit comet in any way, you just don't know how to use the files you downloaded. I suggest looking at what files are included in a torrent BEFORE downloading, so you get no supprises. You can then inquire how to use such file before they end up on your hard drive. Suspect
  13. I suggest you monitor what your upload speed is running at while on max, then reduce the max upload by 20% If your currently uploading about 50kB/s, then set max upload to 40kB/s This will free up some of your bandwidth to comunicate with the tracker, and could double or triple your download speeds (on a well seeded torrent) Suspect
  14. Hi, I cannot fully answer your question as you didn't specify what files you downloaded. ANY file type can be downloaded with bit torrent protocall, so we have no idea what file types you have downloaded. As for playing video files, the two best programs I use are both free... VLC player (videolan.org) and Media Player classic, which comes with the (k lite codec pack) I also suggest you update your codecs, as this could be your problem. You can download the k lite codec pack here... http://www.free-codecs.com/K_Lite_Codec_Pack_download.htm When you install this, use the default setti
  15. The trick is to send as much upload as possible, BUT not so much as to make comunication with the tracker sluggish, as this will drastically reduce your download speeds. As the other member suggested, testing your upload speed is a good idea. I also have used this method, with just one very active torrent running, uncap your upload speed, and see how high it goes. If it runs at about 45kB/s for example, then set max to 35kB/s, and you may see the download rate increase drastically. I know this goes against the first rule of bittorrent, more upload means more download, but if your client ca
  16. I will add that since your static IP address cannot be enabled, and if you cannot set a static IP address, then one option is to check your ip address each time you reboot your computer, and if it has changed, enter the router setup and edit your port forwarding settings to match the current ip address. This might be a pain to do, but once you have done it a few times, will be no big deal. Also note, some ISPs charge extra to use static IP addresses, so you might want to inquire about this. Suspect
  17. I will add that finding the orignal site where the torrent was posted is move effective in requesting a reseed. Check the tracker, and visit their website/forum. Suspect
  18. If your virus definition updates are not working, then you can not be certain your system is virus free. Suspect
  19. Good :P I'm glad I guessed that one right... I do hate to guess though hehehe... Suspect ps. glad to have helped
  20. If windows cannot read the registry, then you have some corrupted files, or possible a hardware failure, likely bad sectors on your hard drive. as for service pack two, you can only remove it if you selected to creat a restore when it was installed. As for firewall, I suggest you get a good one. Please also consider the fact that you may have a virus and/or some malware on your system that surrived the reformatting, or was reinstalled from some of your backups. I would run a good hard disc testing program, many PCs come with such programs, as there are many. I would also make antivirus so
  21. Please think about what you are saying so we can understand you clearly. Exactly what are you doing, and what steps??? I don't like to try and guess what steps you are doing, and offer incorrect advice, but assume you are trying to copy the .exe file into the install directory? If so, I suggest you first rename the orignal .exe file to something like .xxx, then right click on the new .exe file, select "copy", then go to the install directory, where the old .exe file is, and right click and select "paste" Suspect ps. if this is not the correct operation you are attempting, then please be s
  22. I would be glad to help, but need to know exactly what files you are using, and what type of disc you want to make. For burning disc images, I use Alcohol 120% or Nero, both are good products. If you want to encode the video to dvd format, then I need to know what files you have. Suspect
  23. I have a question, are you using service pack two? I have seen this problem many times that was resolved by reverting back to service pack 1a. If you have a good antivirus and firewall, then sp2 is not needed, and seems to make many systems unstable. If you are not using sp2, then I suspect you are having a driver conflict. I would recommend downloading the latest drivers for all your hardware, as its likely the problem has been resolved in new driver releases. Its very hard to diagnose this problem in a forum post, but hope this gives you a couple paths to follow. Suspect
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