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  1. That is a lot of ram. The ideal amount to use varies by how you use your computer and bitcomet. The best advice I can offer is to decide how much you can afford to be used solely by BC and use that as your disc cache which can reduce stress on your hdd/ssd. More important I would consider disabling virtual memory/pagefile, since you shouldn't need it with that much ram.
  2. you can manually edit your "downloads.xml" file, it contains the dates for all tasks, but I'd backup the file first as any mistake could create unpredictable issues with bitcomet. With default install windows should save this file in your %appdata% folder under "bitcomet"
  3. that is unusual, is your score increasing? ps. I too was confused as I was looking at your tasks to find an error, and don't be too hard on Rubarb, it's often a frustrating and thankless job serving the community. Besides most members don't follow rules, we also have to deal with idiots posting spam on a daily basis. pps. Rubarb was just promoted to Tech Support last week, we will post a belated announcement soon.
  4. The development team has located the problem, the fix will be incorporated in the next version of Bit Comet. Thank you for helping us improve the product.
  5. I believe there is a bug here. I didn't want to download nearly 300 GB to test it, but just loading the torrents in BC and uT shows a problem, 2 of 10 files are fine, the other 8 are both truncated and combined into 4 files. I suspect because they are so deep they exceed the max length, but that is just a guess. I will report it to development team
  6. those are not bitcomet, you can decline those options
  7. During install there is a "chose destination folder option, select the "browse" button and navigate to any drive and folder, or type the address in yourself.
  8. This is not generayed by Bitcomet, it's your browser. It sees you have bitcomet installed and asks you to confirm using it. You will need to set BC as default in your browser to stop this, obypass your browser by copy/paste the link in BC.
  9. regarding your report: Topics have a time limit to edit which is necessary because some members have changed posts rendering a thread impossible to understand, so we lock the post after about 30 mins
  10. it's normal for a .zip to extract to another file, but since it's not what you expect my guess is you have a Trojan. One way I've seen this type spread is from a malicious ad that looks like a download link and will download an unknown program while changing it's name to what you intended to download. Since you have a Mac, it couldn't install. ps. why seek help in bitcomet forum?
  11. perhaps it was downloading an update. Keep in mind the title bar stats are gross up/down, so even things like port check and other background services will show. Also, it might be wise to re-enable LTseed since it's one of our best features.
  12. here is the issue, firefox used to do updates using minor numbers, like 3.12 to 3.13, and any 3.xx version all used the same extensions and every 2 tears or so they would change major numbers, from 1.xx to 2.xx and 3.xx, then suddenly they started using a major number with nearly every update and often every couple weeks which required all extension developers to duplicate their work and since our developers are volunteers and have their day jobs keeping them busy so updating theit extension became untenable, but it's been updated every time bitcomet is. I don't know why they started doing this, but it doesn't seem like a nice thing to do and we've published this info many times in this forum. My solution was to use google chrome, another is to get firefox long term support version that updates security issues without changing major version numbers, or another browser, or don't allow firefox to update until a new BC version is released.
  13. I don't have any experience with an NDIS internet sharing device, but from a quick search it looks like a way to share internet from another device, so in order to have a full bidirectional connection, it needs to receive remote connection attempts and they have to find their way to your computer. You are going to have to research your connection to see if this is possible, and if this is a connection where you are using a mobile device or phone as a hotspot, then it's probably not possible as I've never seen any type of cellular connection that allows incomming connection attempts. If that's the case you would need to get a full internet connection.
  14. my next question was where the tape comes from?
  15. Rhubarb, everyone loves Duck Sauce, but which end of the duck does the sauce come out of? and is there a way to get it out without killing the duck?
  16. Thank you also for the concerns for those suffering from the hurricanes, I'll be in houston in a week or so to visit family who lives there.
  17. I thought it was funny that they misspelled "carbonated", so instead of being infused with carbon, they infuse their soft drink with crabs lol and I gave our beloved new staff member the nickname as a joke... but if he ever tires of it and wants a different title, then I'd be glad to change it. ps. I'm still amazed that they could make such a mistake... I can see a simple spelling mistake on a message, but not on a major brand name, and by the way, the drink is virtually identical to coca cola, or "coke", it's just that they changed the name so they could copy it without violating copyright laws.
  18. There are many more peer lists that could appear such as LTseed connected/connecting/disconnected, emule connected/connecting/disconnected, webseed connected/connecting/disconnected, http/ftp connected/connecting/disconnected, as well as the bittorent peer lists shown in your screenshot, so I think if one list was left expanded, or all of them expanded it would be difficult for uses to see what peers are connected. By default only lists of connected peers are open, the rest are closed so you can see lists of other peer connections using one of the other supported protocols.
  19. Your deceptive screenshot doesn't snow that the most respected anti viruses show that bitcomet is clean. The false positive is caused by poorly coded "install core", a legitimate tool used by developers to bundle other apps with theirs, but it's only malicious if not used properly, but it is used properly with BitComet. Some of the lazy anti virus companies seem to flag any app that uses it instead of checking to see if the proper protocols are followed, like not bundling malware, and giving the user the ability to decline to install the bundled software. Any member who continues on with this nonsense and isn't sincerely asking a question will have their account restricted or removed. ps. Even if there was a threat (which there isn't), it couldn't be both a virus and a trojan, they are two very different threats and none of the false test results claim there is any virus.
  20. my guess is, your comet id name was slightly misspelled, but we don't have access to that system. I told you what info we had on your forum account and it seemed to offend you, so I left it to some other user to help you. Enjoy qbittorrent
  21. we've had these same false positives in other versions, they detect installcore https://www.installcore.com which allows BitComet to be bundled with other app, and as long as it's used properly and doesn't allow malware to install, and allows you to decline, then it is not malware, rather a legitimate tool used by developers to fund freeware apps like Bitcomet. To save yourself a lot of hassle, if kaspersky and malwarebytes say it's clean, it is. If you still have doubts,, scan your system, install bitcomet, delete the install exe, then scan your system again. Also note that you can decline the recommended software.
  22. Speaking as someone who has run many trackers, both public and private, I can tell you we'd all like to shoot the person who started the rumers that it's a good idea to add random trackers to a torrent as all this does is to cripple the torrent trackers when they get millions of hits from unregistered torrents. I have spent countless hours blocking people who do this because it harms us all. Don't add trackers, and if you get a torrent with a long list of trackers, remove them all except for one or two that are working.
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