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  1. I don't think you understand how this works. Bitcomet must follow bittorrent transfer protocol, and although assigning nicknames to each task may be doable, it's not necessary  and I thing the odds of getting the developing team to do it is highly improbable, especially since you can accomplish this by adding a folder and probably also by using NTFS options to link the files to two folders so they will appear twice, but only exist once. I'd never use this option, but I think it will work 

    NTFS virtual folder

    This will allow you to virtually have the files in two locations, but I'd probably forget how I set it up and how to undo it when I'm done seeding the torrent/s, but should do exactly what you are asking, but my first suggestion is easier.

    Here is a suggested method...

    Change this directory  D:\Anime\"Anime_Name"\Season 1

    to  D:\Anime\"Anime_NameP"\"Anime_Name"\Season 1

    Then make one torrent named "Anime_Name" and opt to include subfolders, then a second torrent of folder "Anime_NameP"

    The former torrent will contain \"Anime_Name"\Season 1 and the latter will contain \"Anime_NameP"\"Anime_Name"\Season 1 and the former torrent name "Anime_Name" and the latter torrent's name, "Anime_NameP". This should accomplish exactly what you want.

    An alternative, enable the private tracker column in the main pane, then when you have both torrents with the same name and one will say "yes" on the private torrent torrent, so you can easily tell them apart. 

  2. it won't double the space, for example put files in 

    c:/downloads/private tracker A/files/

    Then make one torrent of the "private tracker a" folder, and a second torrent of the "files" folder. Both torrents will have the same files but the private tracker torrent will have them one level deeper.

    You can name the folders anything you want so you'll know which torrent is which.


  3. if I understand you, the best option would be to put the contents for the public torrent in a folder we will call "folder a" and then place folder a inside a folder named "folder b". Now make your public torrent using folder a, and your private torrent using folder b.


    You can use any names you like for these folders and the result is you are seeding from the same files and each torrent will have a unique name

  4. I know of no mobile broadband companies that allow access to open a port. Mobile broadband is only half of an internet connection, they usually work fine for surfing the web, direct downloads, but you cannot get incoming remote peer connections, nor can you run a webserver or virtual server. You can still download, but only you can initiate a connection, but you can never connect to another user with a blocked port, also those peers actively looking to trade often get their max number of peers long before they receive your random connection to them. Think of it as a phone with no ringer, you can only complete a call if you dial it and they are there to answer, as they cannot return the call, just want for you to call back and maybe then they may be available, however the download still should work. If they are extremely slow, then it could be that your provider throttles bittorrent traffic. You can try changing your settings on protocol encryption and see if that helps. Sometimes encrypted protocol headers can fool most throttling software.   You can also contact your provider and ask if you can have a dedicated port for incoming connections. If they allow it, it would surprise me, but can't hurt to ask. If you don't want to mention what you are using it for, you could tell them that you are required by your employer to receive incoming connections and need at least one open port dedicated to your device. Good luck with that and if you succeed please let us know because I may be interested in using them as a carrier. 

  5. Marie, When using "private torrents", or torrents that are limited to only registered users, the connections are only allowed for members of the torrent site so you cannot bitcomet's VIP system on these torrents. Also, if a torrent does not work without vip, it won't work with vip either. VIP cannot download something something that doesn't exist, it's designed to help download torrents faster but seems it's most effective for users with slow connections. I could explain in more detail, but without an understanding of how bittorrent protocol works, you probably wouldn't understand, so suffice it to say that vip only helps with working torrents (those with active seeds and peers). A good analogy would be if a road is closed because a bridge had fallen, and a person purchased a faster car hoping it would complete the trip when their slow car could not, but in reality no car exists that could complete that trip. 


    If you purchased VIP thinking it would fix the problem, then this is no fault of BitComet, but if you are unhappy with the purchase you can request a refund through paypal, but I suggest you try it on other torrents to see if you feel it offers you benefit then decide if the money was well spent. Also consider the vip system puts the burden of negotiating the torrent on bitcomet owned computers rather than yours and the money is used to continue bitcomet development and assure it will always be free. 

    I'm sorry we don't have any french translators on staff, we used to have several, but finding reliable people who are qualified and willing to work for free isn't easy, so we had no choice but close down the forum. If in the future we get more french speaking members and some qualified french support staff, then I'd be glad to reopen the forum.

  6. Thanks for the interest, but this is a user support forum, the owners and developers are in China and all of their freeware is proprietary and I doubt they will simply give it away or turn it over for open source development, but if you are serious about this and interested in purchasing it I would be glad to forward your offer to them. If you are serious about this you can send me a PM, but judging from past discussions I can assure you they have no intention to give it away, not even sure if they would want to sell it, but can't hurt to ask.

  7. On 5/14/2017 at 3:19 AM, mariner said:

    Did I win yet?


    Love all you guys... and cats.



    I'd be glad to award you the prize, an "almost" new automobile, as soon as you pay the storage fees and you might want to read the fine print too, just so you understand exactly what you are getting.

  8. Please understand that if others did as suggested here there would be no torrents at all, also if you reduce your upload you will only get peers with slow upload since the protocol is designed to connect each peer with others that are capable of the same level of upload.

    If you are concerned about how it affects your internet, then test your max upload speed (with bitcomet off) and adjust your global max upload rate to 80% of your tested upload rate. 

  9. 5 hours ago, paulica07 said:

    Buna seara am si eu o problema cu un mesaj de eroare :Tracker response error;Your client is not on the whitelist si nu mai pot descarca si nici ceilalti nu pot desacarca de la mine .Va multumesc anticipat ptr. raspuns


    This error is because your tracker doesn't allow BitComet. I recommend you find a different torrent.


    Această eroare se datorează faptului că tracker-ul nu permite BitComet. Vă recomandăm să găsiți un torrent diferit.

  10. This could be the way the video is encoded, or the firmware of your TV, but as mentioned has nothing to do with BitComet. I'd recommend trying a different video that this worked on in the past, and if it doesn't work now, consult your TV user's manual, or their support forum. 

  11. some create hidden files you cannot see, some create several of these files,one in each folder and others put all the data into one file, but the size of the data is dictated by thrrent and the files that are disabled. There is no way to download thefiles you request without downloading the unwanted pieces of other files that are in a piece you need. For example, if a piece is 5mb in size and you only need one byte from it, the full piece must still be downloaded. Or if someone downloads a 600mb torrent with 5mb pieces and disables a 50kb..nfo file, that file is still downloaded and put in one of these files. Frankly this is the most misused option, not only in bitcomet but in all clients. Disabling files was never an option when the protocol was designed and there was no easy way to do it. Also many of the files are there for a reason, and those who skip them are often the reason so many torrents fail at 9x.x%. It would be helpful to all if this option was removed, but it comes in handy in cases where you need only one episode of a television series and the only active torrent you can find is for the whole season, or the only place you can find a specific album is in an entire discography. 

  12. Keep in mind that some of the least active torrents can be best helped by LTseed. Imagine if a torrent had a dozen peers and no seeds so no one was able to download, then a bitcomet peer comes along and connects to a LTseed peer and downloads the full contents, he then uploads to the rest of the non-bitcomet peers so they are no longer stuck. 

    The sad part is they leave having no idea why the torrent suddenly came back to life and continue (out of ignorance) not using or liking BitComet.

    I also agree, if this and the padding files wee understood by all, bitcomet would be the most popular client and others would have to adapt this technology.

  13. Any torrent client that allows you to disable files does it the same way, but some hide these files. 

    Also, when you disable small files you still have to download them in order to get the data you want so it's pointless to disable them. The only time I'd recommend using this option is if you wanted just one album from a large collection of albums, or just a single song from an album. As long as you download torrents this will not change because you aen't downloading separate files, you are downloading bittorrent pieces, some pieces are just a small part of a large file and some pieces could contain many small files along with part of a larger one. Depending on the "piece size" the torrent's author chose, each piece could be large or small and there are advantages to both. On a large torrent you often must use large piece sizes to keep the torrent file small enough so all clients can open it. Also, if you delete these "part" pieces you will no longer be able to upload the torrent. 

  14. neary 11 years running this site for the BitComet community, Cassie is second in seniority, and many others have come and gone, but all have done it in the spirit of p2p. We all do our part, uploading, seeding, tech support, etc...   if you have enjoyed it, perhaps it's time to give back...   PM me if you want a way you can give back to the community or those who have given so much.

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