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  1. The data must reach the cometID servers in order to calculate your score which is done once a day and you can score upto 100 points, you also get upto 20 points for being online which seem to post much faster, This creates a max possible of 120 points per day, but in order for the upload to properly register the server must be online and responsive. During heavy load times it could take several attempts to upload your stats. Also there is some server downtime when no stats are received. I believe we have close to 99% up-time which is pretty good considering there are only volunteers to keep them running, and every now and then the system will go down on a holiday causing extended outages, so suffice it to say that when the servers are responsive your points are properly applied. If they aren't responsive BitComet will keep trying until they are, and the stats will get recorded. When the servers are down nothing can be done since the funds do not exist to hire full time staff to maintain them. You can minimize loss of stats by keeping BitComet running longer even if tasks are stopped.
  2. As far as I'm aware the win9x.exe file only exists in the portable (.zip) version. If you are trying to run the .zip version you'll have to run it as administrator, and run it from a folder that your user account has full permissions to use, or the easiest way to use bitcomet is to install it into your operating system which you cannot do with the .zip version. I can tell you that thousands, if not millions of users are running BitComet under Windows 10 including myself, and no one has reported a problem with it not installing.
  3. we also get upload credit for stopped tasks that upload via LTseed, but this only happens when your connection is idle. If I employed a strategy like yours I'd be much higher than Marshall by now, but I often have no downloads running for weeks get most of my points for LTseed upload while the computer is idle, and doing this keeps the torrents from dying. As long as there is at least one bitcomet peer and one longterm seed, no peers of any client will be stuck with a dead torrent.
  4. We are proud to announce a new forum staff member Rhubarbfian, who has joined the team to serve as a moderator after demonstrating a willingness to help others and share his knowledge. Such is the spirit of sharing, the very heart and soul of P2P. Please make him feel welcome.
  5. sometimes bitcomet can complete these dead torrents and seed them to the rest of the peers by finding the files outside the bitcomet swarm via http/ftp, other torrents with some or all of the same content, emule, or out LTseed network, but several factors must be met for this to happen and with rare or obsolete files, or ones never downloaded by a participating bitcomet peer, then you are limited to only the traditional bittorrent sources. You can leave them running, make sure you didn,t opt out of LTseed, or install the emule plugin, but if no one can be found that has them, then it's not likely to complete so looking for a different might be your best bet.
  6. To those complaining because there are no paid staff working 24/7 to keep the cometID server up and running, if you put forth any effort to learn about bitcomet you'd know it can work as well as any other client without cometID, and the cometID servers are usually up and running about 99% of the business days even though it's developed, maintained and supported by volunteers and has always been free software. If you'd like the cometID system working closer to 100%, then please contact me in order to make a donation. If enough of you donate perhaps we can have someone on call to keep servers up, or add more redundant servers because we are currently working on a shoestring budget.
  7. ps. I used to nave a simple dos batch file called lose.bat somewhere in the path that looked something like... I got tired of losing every time I typed "Win"
  8. just realized you used forward slash instead of backslash.... must be a *nix dude LOL
  9. Stone gushing water---you have 40 years of wandering in desert to look forward to.
  10. ภาษาอังกฤษเท่านั้น (English Only) English
  11. I hope the cat knows how to fix a server!
  12. Hello to you too, and please post in English
  13. no links to any commercial products or services is allowed. If an active member wants to share an experience using something related to bitcomet they can discuss it without posting a link. we have a zero tolerance for spam or advertisements in this forum, it exists to help members use Bitcomet
  14. "right click" on any column and select "started on". Now you can sort all new torrents to top or bottom.
  15. ComitID seems to be working now El CometID parece estar funcionando correctamente ahora.
  16. Nice to see more French members. Currently the french forum is dormant, we had a few french staff members over the years, but none stuck around and I kept the forum up in case there is more interest in the future.
  17. seems Santano was only here to spam our forum, pretty clever about it too, but like all the rest, he's gone as is his spam
  18. I'm not aware that you are able to change your Comet ID name, can you explain where you saw this option and that your points would transfer to a new comet ID account?
  19. Actually what the member reports is that he declined to allow his browser to launch bitcomet, so the only alternatives is to change (reverse) the browser settings, or manually open the magnet link in bitcomet. Unfortunately since the member didn't inform us of the browser he was using, nor anything else about his compute or internet connection all we can do is refer him to his browser support forum, or teach him how to copy/paste the link into bitcomet so he won't need to rely on the browser to open the link in bitcomet.
  20. You get points for being online, and for data uploaded, not for downloads. The system is designed to reward those who share, and the max of 120 points per day was necessary to prevent any incentives for hackers to attempt to reverse engineer the system and cheat. I'm sure a really talented hacker could figure out a way to cheat, but it's hardly worth the effort since it's easy enough to reach the max of 120points per day.
  21. You don't need a vpn in order to bypass being blocked from accessing torrent sites. If all you want to do is be able to access the sites you can do so with TOR, but if you want to download through a VPN then none of the free ones will give you good results when using torrents, you'll need a dedicated sever in order to get good results. Also, since this topic could easily be abused by spammers, lets limit it to the names of providers and NO LINKS. If a member wants to find the povider they can do so using google or any search engine. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we must keep a lid on what links we allow on the forum.
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