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  1. 4 hours ago, WallpapersWithQuotes said:

    I have a suggestion if you publish one last update. Just integrate  mpcstar with codec guide updates Their  releases are frequent with latest requirements

    Allow users to use codecs from codecguide with their tiger player/mpcstar. This will help users like me to save search for mpcstar alternative

    Looking forward for your positive reply

    First of all, this isn't up to me. This is a community support forum which I have been running for nearly 11 years, but the developers of BitComet rarely post here, they pay the bills, and leave us to help each other, which is common with most freeware. MPCStar is another freeware product that one or more members of the team developed, along with several other apps over the past 11 years, some were popular, others weren't, and many have been abandoned simply because like all of us, we have bills to pay and although it's nice to give something to the community, it doesn't pay the bills, so time is usually focused on your "day job" first, but hopefully they will find time to update it, but with that said, I was under the impression it could use system codecs and would do so if it's internal codecs didn't recognise the video. I confess I have had mpcstar installed in over a year, but I've installed K-Lite codec pack and never had a video that wouldn't play using any player. Of course I could install MPCstar to see if it will play x265 video, but it's really a moot point if it's not going to be further developed, but if you are able to prepare a proper report on the suggestion you've made with an accurate technical description of what you would like incorporated so they can research it, I will pass it along, and if you are fluent in Mandarin, a bilingual report would help since the developers are Chinese. 

  2. I'm still a Marshall ranking in at 32590 last I logged in, but I don't think the rank is accurate, meaning I don't think it's centrally tabulated, rather just ranking everyone that has logged in this session and appears it might reset each time the server has to be restarted. This is just conjecture, but it seems that your score is hard data, but the ranking score is soft data that is collected anew each time the server starts.

    BTW, nice to see you again, and even though we don't currently need more beta testing, you are more than welcome to stick around and help members. 

  3. 13 hours ago, lemmon said:


    However I've always looked up the documentation here, which is so very well-written. Every sentence and paragraph is so beautifully put together.

    I realize now from para 2 you've written how much more BitComet does.


    Thank you, a lot of hard work went into re translating from chinese english into international english. Most of the credit for the grammar we have Cassie to thank, even though English isn't her original language, she understand it better than most. The technical details were a done by a joint effort of myself, grey wizard, and Kluelos, whom we fear may no longer be with us. We represented distinctly different parts of the world and ou collaboration helped render a text that was easy for all to understand. 

    Yes, BitComet is arguably the most advanced client in the world, and as far as I know, no other client has even attempted to design a torrent client that can download it's content from other torrents with some or all of the same content, or from non bittorrent sources, and I've personally witnessed the benefits of this technology when I download unseeded torrents and bitcomet finds the content elsewhere and uses the data to seed the torrent so the incomplete peers can complete the torrent and become seeds, saving long dead torrents. 

  4. Thanks for sharing, but please keep in mind that it can be a very bad idea to add random trackers to a torrent. You only need one working tracker, any more will cause bitcomet and your internet connection to do a lot of unnecessary work, and if you add trackers that aren't "open", you'll also have to register the torrent with them, otherwise you'll only annoy the tracker admin, many of whom regularly change tracker urls in an attempt to stop this so their servers don't get hit with thousands of requests repeatedly, for a torrent that doesn't even exist on their server. 

    When making a torrent I select one tracker to upload the torrent to, then maybe add an open tracker just in case that tracker is down. When downloading a torrent with a long list of trackers I remove all but a couple that have the most peers so that bitcomet won't continue to attempt to contact them.

  5. there are virtual chinese keyboards you can use, but I only speak to a few in the development team who are willing to use english. Although the chinese are taught english in school, it's mostly written english and it's very different than any other english dialect, but is usually enough to get by in commerce, but I'm sue we've all giggled at chinese products that provide incomprehensible documentation. . Bitcomet's has always been good with documentation, but our forum team has rewritten it so it's more fluent to most international members. 

    Also, unlike other torrent clients bitcomet does much more, which is why it's not so easy to run two instances at once. It integrates with Internet Explorer so it can display html web data, it has an active as well as passive port checker, connects with cometID servers to share files on a private proprietary p2p network and also can connect to http/ftp sources to to complete files within a torrent when not available elsewhere, as well as emule if the optional plugin is installed, so getting all this to work multiple times on the same computer is very complicated. 

    To further complicate things, your user files could be in several different places depending on windows version and settings, to counter then we added an option (on by default) to use %appdata% for storing these, but they also could be in your programfiles folder, your %vitualstore%, or in case of the portable version can be stored in it's folder

  6. As I mentioned BitComet is not designed to run multiple instances within the same windows account. You could probably figure a way to work around that, but as I mentioned, there will be conflicts. I've never tried to find a work a round, but even if you are able to do so, you won't be able to get all the features like comet ID and emule plugin to work properly. If you want to run them one at a time using different task lists this can be easily done, but if you want to run two instances simultaneously, then you are on you own. I'm sure it could be done, just not sure what features will or won't work. 

    If you want to discuss with with the developers and you are fluent in Mandarin, you can post in the chinese foum at Cometbbs.com, otherwise I won't be of much help beyond what I mentioned.

  7. I fixed the signature problem, seems a recent forum update disabled signatures, we've had a lot of small issues like that to deal with.


    By default bit comet stores task info in "app data", but this can be changed in advanced settings if you want the portable version to have it's own task list.

  8. BitComet has always made a portable version, it's packaged in a .zip file and once extracted you can run it without installing, but I don't recommend running more than one instance at a time as it may cause conflicts.

    You can download all releases from the link in my signature.

  9. also read the first link in my signature and keep in mind that we are all volunteers and if we spend our time typing the same questions every time someone asks for help, we wouldn't have time to help anyone. It's members responsibility to read the rules and provide the basic info if they want help, otherwise you are likely to get replies that don't apply to you.

  10. Anyone can start such a thread, in fact you just did. I'll move it to the lounge and you can entertain us with funny stuff, and hopefully others will join in. I'll do my part by keeping it family friendly. 

  11. I can confirm that site isn't working. They probably don't allow download managers or perhaps they are mistaking BitComet for a bot. If this is an image host site they may only allow web browsers to access their files. I'll test a few things and see if there is a work-a-round, but most likely you won't be able to use a download manager with that site unless you can get the site administrator to approve it's use.

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