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  1. You are welcome to try it, I know it had quite a few repeat purchases, but also many users who expected the impossible and many for whom it just didn't work, so I ask people to consider the purchase a donation, but if they are still unhappy to ask for a refund through paypal. Here is the link https://vip.bitcomet.com/en
  2. I had no problem logging out and logging back in from both the client and the website, so not sure why others are having an issue. Perhaps it is a regional error, or there is some type of attack such as DDOS.
  3. pretty pathetic when they copy our trademarks and can't even spell the words right lol Iran is known for that too, they have their knock-off of McDonalds and a few others. I have no problem with them copying, after all imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but it's funny that they don't like our free market capitalist society, but like the products it produces lol
  4. No problem Cassie, your status as our Spanish Angel has been restored. Also, this drink is a ripoff of coca cola, and they aren't referring to cocoa like in chocolate, rather coca leaves, as used to make cocaine, which was one of the ingredients in coca cola until it was discovered to be addictive and removed. This is their copy of the american product, and notice it's Crabonated, not Carbonated lol whatever that means
  5. The good news is Donald Trump volunteered the use of his private jet so all the kids will get their toys on time... RIP Santa
  6. Several things you can do if you are concerned, change your port number, change your lan IP, release your routers IP and you may get a new wan IP, but to be honest, even if they got my wan/lan/port numbers, I wouldn't lose any sleep. Unless there was a major hole in my firewall and in bitcomet, and in windows, then there is nothing they could do, and even if there is some yet to be discovered hole, I don't keep anything important on my torrent computer. But I do agree it's best to play it safe which is why I hid the screenshot when I saw it.
  7. I doubt there is much risk here, we try to stay under the radar here and don't deploy methods of generating traffic and I can count the number of people who viewed that post on my fingers, plus a good router and firewall combination will keep out all but the most talented script-kiddies even if they know your wan, lan and port numbers.
  8. Although I never use it, BitComet has a built-in search that redirects through "atcomet.com" which can bypass some countries that block torrents. My country doesn't block sites so I can't give you an opinion of how well it works, also since it's maintained by volunteers it does sometimes go down and people panic, so it's important to know how to do this on your own and rhubarbfians suggestion was very good.
  9. Check the settings on your scheduler within BitComet, if you or someone else has set it to not download during those times it will behave as you state, otherwise you may want to contact your internet provider who may throttle p2p downloading during certain hours. BitComet will not stop downloading at certain times unless specifically instructed to do so.
  10. You declined to allow your browser launch a magnet link, as an alternative you can copy the link and select to start a new task from a magnet uri, then paste the link into BitComet, or you can contact your browers support and ask them how to enable handling of magnet links after you disabled it by mistake. Since the pirate bay doesn't actually host torrent files anymore, magnet links are the only option
  11. My point was that 10.5 years or more of ranks may seem sufficient today, but in another 10 years we will need higher ranks.
  12. I've been running this forum for 10 1/2 years now and may for another 10, so the need will arise. Keep in mind that 640k was once considered all the ram we will ever need.
  13. I unhid the screenshot since cassie was kind enough to edit it.
  14. You may have noticed that each member has a forum title under their name, these change as you contribute more to the forum, and one hidden "Easter Egg" that few are aware of is that at a certain level the ability to make a custom title is unlocked. I'm not going to say exactly what criteria must be met to achieve this, but several members have reached this level, and others have been given a custom title in exchange for their service to the community, and for a limited time (will start with just the remaining two weeks left this year (2016), for now, and anyone who has reached the rank of Mars
  15. Thank you for all the work you've been doing, and I'm sure in time all functionality will be restored. I can report that it's been working perfectly for me for the last several days, but other members in different areas have reported problems. It appears that you've moved the system from cometid.com over to members.bitcomet.com, the old cometid site is still online, but not displaying users stats. http://www.cometid.com/accounts/score It will be nice if the new site shows our daily score like the old one did. It really don't make any difference worth mentioning, but was still nice to
  16. Of course I know this, but if you aren't downloading much, you don't have much to upload, which is why I've been doing this as long as anyone and have a very fast connection, yet many members are far ahead of me. Honestly I've paid little attention to my rank and points, but seeing from the posts of many members that it seems important to them, so this post is a chance for people to express their pride in achieving a high rank. It will likely be a couple more years before I reach the ranks of Sovereign, and who knows, there may be higher ranks released in the future, perhaps emperor, dem
  17. Some pointers when dealing with blocked ports. First step is to confirmed the port is actually blocked and it's not just bitcomet's test that is blocked. One easy way to test is at canyouseeme.org. If they confirm your port is blocked then it's likely you have a bad setting on your firewall, router, or other security software. If you suspect the problem is in your router, the easiest way to confirm is to bypass the router (as a test) if possible. Plug directly into your modem and see if the port is now open. If it is, you have a problem with your portforward setting. One common issue if the po
  18. I removed the screenshot from view, and it was showing the wan ip correctly.
  19. I just reached the 3rd level of Marshall, two more and I move up to Generalissimo. Many are well beyond my rank, but I don't really do a huge amount of downloading, mostly just seed the stuff I have or grab a new tv series now n then.
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