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  1. Actually a raw recruit can get 41, an unregistered user can get 40. I can tell you that I was told the development team was doing work on the forums and cometID and to expect it to be unstable for a couple days, but from my end it appears to be all done and it's been extremely responsive, logging me out and back in within a second or less and all my points are registering. I've also noticed the LTseed uploads seem to be working better. I'm not sure why you guys are still having issues, perhaps your regional servers are still being serviced?
  2. Seems to be working fine on my end, are you using any IP filters?
  3. Sorry for the double post problem Rhubabfian. I posted an announcement about the problems with the servers affecting this forum and cometID system. Things seem to be working now, but I have noticed some strange issues like if you click your username in the client, it takes you to the Chinese member login at bitcomet.com instead of the login at cometID.com. Just from poking around these login's appear to be independent, but use the same database, so you can log into both (if you want to), but the former will require an understanding of Mandarin, or use of a translator. It can also be used
  4. Our Development team has been making much needed forum upgrades, so it will be a while before the site returns to being stable as we iron out the kinks. Thanks for your patience.
  5. sounds like a problem with internet explorer
  6. Yes, I noticed the outage too, if it's not fixed by tomorrow I'll try to contact someone to fix it.
  7. Also, I just noticed the cometID server is currently down, so I can't do any further checking until it's working again. Generally it's usually fixed within a day or so, but weekends and holidays (chinese) can cause extended outages.
  8. That link will only work for you since I cannot be logged into your account to see your stats. Maybe you can make screenshots of the cometID site and your client? Also make sure the cometID names match. Usually when there is a problem like this it's because a user made a new account, often without even knowing it. This can be done if you click on "sign up" instead of "sign in", or you login with social media instead of cometID.
  9. There are many reasons why a torrent may not complete which are listed at wiki.bitcomet.com in our FAQs, in some cases it's your anti-virus blocking one of the pieces of data which is common if your torrent contains software that includes a "patch", "hack tool", or "key generator". These tools are usually detected as threats and unless you setup your anti virus to warn you but not delete, it will continue to delete that piece of data repeatedly over and over again and never reach 100% which isn't a fault of bitcomet, it's user error. Another common reason is other people who downloaded a torre
  10. update, all of the major AV programs have corrected the false positive which can be confirmed at total virus website.
  11. VBF, I must say I don't like your tone. You are speaking to a member of development here, a team who despite the busy schedules and day jobs which pay their bills, donate time to provide you and other users with this FREE product, and producing this product is their domain, however this community forum is my domain and I will NOT allow it to become a means to attack or insult our development team using ignorance and false information. I do encourage open discussion of such serious topics as this, but you don't seem to even grasp the understanding of the basic terms, such as calling this false
  12. Please research the product your antivirus detects, it's not malware unless it's abused by the publisher. It's a legit tool for bundling apps for optional install, and the proper way for an anti virus to scan would be to look at how it's used and rate the app on if it follows the rules or not, and all of the major Anti Viruses like Kaspersky, Symantec, Mcafee and dozens of others have tested BitComet and find it clean, the few that report installcore as malware have no basis in fact for doing this. What this app does is allows bitcomet to bundle other apps for optional install, all of which ca
  13. If your stats cannot be located it will default to recruit level which allows you upto 40 LTseed connections and permits use of the system even when partially down, but as far as I know, no one has lost their points and the system does sometimes go offline, but we have no full time paid staff to keep the servers running. The development team and this forum staff are all volunteers and from what I understand it's been a struggle just to pay the monthy server bills, so hiring three shifts of IT professionals to keep the system up with little or no down-time is not an option since BitComet is fre
  14. Actually we are a lot more polite than most of the competitors forums and I didn't think I was being rude, although it does get frustrating when we get a new topic about being unable to sign in to comet ID about every six months or so when the website server crashes or needs to be maintained, however if you've had this problem for several months, then there is something wrong on your end. My last reply was left while having about 30 seconds of time before I had to leave so it was only intended to reassure both members that if comet ID stops working it is nothing to worry about, even witho
  15. If you search in the forum you will realize that this happens sometimes and it's impossible to operate a free service and have it never go offline now and then.
  16. The first person to log in after an outage will be in first place, but a few seconds later could have thousands ahead, and as mentioned, it really doesn't matter and it's perfectly normal.
  17. I just confirmed it's working perfectly for me, active port detection changed light from grey to green in a few seconds and comet ID login also completed quickly. If your router's uPnP is slow, sometimes that causes the test to time out or fail, you can try to "right click" and select "test again", or once bitcomet detects remote connections on an active torrent the secondary passive test should turn the light to green.
  18. It would appear that more people with higher scores are online now. As far as I know the ranking score refreshes only once per day and depends on the online users, but you can try logging out and back in and see if your ranking score goes up or down. Parecería que hay más gente en línea ahora con números más altos. Hasta donde yo sé, la puntuación del rango se actualiza una vez al día y depende de los usuarios que estén en línea, pero puedes intentar salirte y volver a entrar (a través del log-in), para ver si tus puntos suben o bajan.
  19. The ranks are calculated daily I believe and will go up and down depending on others that are online.
  20. Looks like the links weren't updated yet, be patient
  21. I've explained the way port checking works many times and don't have time to retype it tonight, so the short answer is just ignore it.
  22. Number 1 is the top rank, means you are in first place. You are in 5652nd place Número 1 es el rango más alto, significa que estás en primer lugar. Tú estás en el puesto 5652.
  23. Here is an alternate way you can achieve this result. Create the new directory, then use bitcomet's option to move the files to that folder.
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