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  1. The grey light does not indicate a problem with your port, it indicates a problem with our port test which could be caused by our server, or anything blocking the connection. Here is how our unique active port test works. Your Bitcomet makes a connection to bitcomet's port test server, gives it your wan IP and port number and while this connection is open, a second remote connection is sent to your computer, if it is received by your computer the light turns green, if it is not received the light will turn yellow. If the server could not be reached to do the test, it will turn grey. A grey li
  2. If the light is yellow, that means you contacted our server but were blocked from receiving an unrelated connection back from the server to test your port and that means you are blocked, if the light is grey, it means it could not connect our server to request the test so it could have nothing to do with you, nor any problem, just a down or busy server. Coding was added to bitcomet so that when an active torrent receives a remote connection, the light will change to green in case there was something preventing the active test. Try running a popular torrent and see if it turns green, and you ca
  3. For other members reading this, if you go to TotalVirus.com you can scan BitComet with 56 of the most popular virus and malware detectors, which 53 of them correctly list it as clean, and 2 of them detect and correctly list "Installcore", which is a legitimate tool and is only considered malware if it installs malware, or doesn't give the user the option to decline any bundled apps, and only one "ESET" detects (incorrectly) FusionCore. If a user wants to use ESET that is fine, but you'll have to get used to researching any detections it finds unlike some of the other major players like Kaspers
  4. Grey is nothing to worry about, probably just the server is down. You can confirm if your port is open at canyouseeme.org
  5. Feel free to stop using BitComet if you don't like it, or feel free to decline the install of the yahoo toolbar if you don't want to use it. Also, since I'm not an employee of Bitcomet and speaking solely as a fellow bitcomet user I can say that anyone who uses language like yourself isn't welcome here, and using my authority as admin I will enforce this, so go find another client and see if they take this kind of childish behavior in their forum.
  6. I just spoke with the development team leader who tells me this problem is fixed in version 1.43, although I believe they failed to mention it in the release notes. I'd be grateful if everyone involved can test and confirm that it's working properly, and if the but is still present, list the exact steps required to reproduce it. Thanks
  7. Try installing flashgot extension, or decline to update firefox until it's supported by bitcomet.
  8. Are you saying BitComet has an option to rename the directory? if so, I've never seen it.
  9. The option to edit your post is timed. If I recall correctly you have about an hour to edit before the option is removed. The reason we made this change is because we had members post asking for help, then when we ask for information many members would edit the info into the original post where we don't notice it unless we re-read each reply. We've also had times where posts were edited after people replied to them making the thread impossible for other members to understand which is contrary to the purpose of this forum. We want others to be able to read and learn by posts others have made wi
  10. Hard to tell for sure from google's translation, but could be a firewall blocking bitcomet's ability to check your ports and check for updates, or if you use an IP filter like "peerblock", it is likely blocking bitcomet's ability to "call home" to check your port or for updates, as many of these security programs considering "calling home" to be a privacy risk, but in this case it's a necessary part of the unique features bitcomet offers. After Cassie translates your post I may better understand the problem. Me resulta difícil, guiándome por la traducción de Google pero puede que sea que un
  11. This is a false positive. I've scanned with the most reliable anti virus programs which all say it's clean. What your AV detects is "Install Core", a program that allows BitComet to be bundled with other apps, but since they can all be selected or deselected during install, it's not malware. Among these bundled programs are things like the yahoo toolbar which is not malware either and is a handy app which many love and it does provide a small level of income for bitcomet to help keep the doors open, but you are not required to install if if you don't want it. Although it is possible to use ins
  12. Try installing FlashGot extension, it will allow you to integrate multiple download managers including BitComet. Bitcomet's extension used to be based on flashgot, not sure if it still is, but the people at mozilla started disabling all extensions every time they update the browser, in effect forcing all the publishers to replace their products at mozilla's timetable which caused many freeware apps to stop supporting firefox. BitComet's development team has never made any public statements on this subject, but it's pretty clear from their actions that they aren't willing to update their produ
  13. I wouldn't run both at the same time, but it won't affect your installed version to test with a .zip version.
  14. You win the internet for a day... thanks for making me laugh
  15. I've never experienced any of the symptoms you report, but you might want to try 1.41 since there are other unrelated issues with 1.42. You can get all versions from the link in my signature, and you can try the .zip versions if you want to test one without installing.
  16. The issue you describe is usually a hardware issue having to do with the internet connection being unable to handle the number of connections, rather than the bandwidth. If it was just speed, it would most likely be harddrive overload, and you'd see the same results across different clients, so I suspect bitcomet is more aggressively opening connections which can cause weak routers to overload and reboot. Member "torromania" seemed to be pointing to this likely issue when he suggested removing the router, however it is possible the problem is on the ISP side and although they do seem to offer
  17. We still don't know anything about your system so you are making it difficult for anyone to help you, and it would be helpful to provide the message you get when you hover over the cross, but usually this is caused by a download location that windows doesn't have permission to use, could be a folder reserved for another user, or one reserved for the system. Also if you have a remote harddrive it can trigger this type of error.
  18. My guess is either you have more than one router... sometimes ISPs provide a device to deliver phone or TV service which is also a router, if that is not the cause it could be your firewalls. It appears you have two software firewalls as well as your router, and bitcomet appears to have opened your router's port using UPNP. As a test try disabling your windows firewall, then your comodo firewall, even uninstall if necessary. Since you are protected by your router a short test without your firewall/s should be safe as long as you're doing nothing risky during the test. Keep in mind that onl
  19. You shouldn't have to wait to start the task, but that delay you notice is the time it takes to get a copy of the torrent file, a procedure you skipped by opening from a magnet link, instead of opening from a .torrent file.
  20. If you don't want to wait 3 weeks, I believe you can escalate the dispute after a few days and in that case you should get the refund faster. I can certainly understand that they are shorthanded and perhaps the member of development who maintains this service isn't available, but since it appears to have been down for at least a few weeks so I wish they would either fix it, or take it off line so people stop buying it, but rest assured no one is trying to take anyone's money and everyone will get a refund if it doesn't work for you.
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