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  1. Am acually Senior Colonal ranked (bitcom) from NZ... ;)

  2. Hi back to update how to unblock your listen port in bitcomit Win10.... have found over many yrs that its not usually yr ISP and only some times yr Router... heres a link to make it work in win10 :http://www.tomshardware.com/faq/id-3114787/open-firewall-ports-windows.html and heres roughly how incase it stops working...;) Get into your control panel and find win firewall - open - go advanced settings in left panel (you should get win adv firewall security win open...) in left pain you should have the inbound out bound and more links - go "Inbound Rules" and right click - then go "add new rule" add bitcomit as "udp" and paste the port No from Bitcomit here (See Below) - add as ? bit com custom port rule... save... reopen bitcomit or relisten port... give a liitle time - should fix every ones probs.... Bitcomit - top tabs - open tools - open options - go conections - see listening ports - unselect new random ports each time it opens - "Randomly" select a port using the "chose random port" button (its a one off button - and should select a port not in use?) save!!! at bottom - Bit comit should now open and close - still have the same listening port selected... copy paste this port in the new rule for win10 firewall rules... IT SHOULD FIX THE "WAN" YELLOW LIGHT PROB AT BOTTOM OF BITCOMIT FOR MOST OF YOU!!!! why - cause no other Mother F^(#3r wants to tell you... some of us are here to make the world a better place and help... ;) is it hard to do - yes... No.... not really.
  3. FIXED/GOT IT! :) Had Fibre Installed recently also was provided a shiny new black roughter with it too [accepted it as you do Lol!] - And so it began, bye bye "WAN" and tutar!!>2 the "port forwarding/Maping" Theres nothing usefull on net to fix this really with this roughter... How ever - set my Win firewall, roughter firewall/exeptions... anti virus, and Yes phnd "ISP" yaked 2 D Prickle Techs... to no avail even updated roughter Firmware, After doing some research into settings I discovered the "IGMP" in the HG630b roughter was defalt set to off (open whatever... your default passwords are ADMIN and ADMIN... Go to Advanced IGMP and tick on and save/Submit - FIXED!!! :) [here link all about what it is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IGMP_snooping PS: NZ Spark/Telecom dont firewall from their end the probs in there new roughter settings (I also fully aloud bitcomit through win firewall settings) ohh and it says blocked/yellow light on "WAN" till you activate a down/up load it seems in Bitcomet... Hope this helps... ;)
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