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  1. Guardian Eagle / Grand Wizard, I see unauthorized ports open on my pc by other clients other than the specific port indicated by my bitcomet. After I have blocked and removed the unauthorized ports from my pc, the other clients open another port in my pc. How do I prevent unauthorized port opening ? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Thank you Grand Wizard. The link provided is very helpful. I will try out the steps in another computer.
  3. Thank you Guardian Eagle. I did what you suggested. But signal still blocked as per yellow color. But I have found out in the said router 'Home Network Configuration', there is a ticked box -Enable Public IP Pass Through, sub box was ticked to Enable ICMP Snooping (Blocking Mode was ticked). Hence, I removed the tick in Enable ICMP Snooping, saved and reboot the router. Now, bitcomet is working fine with the green signal.
  4. To whoever able to help, a big thank you. I have been issued the subject Aztech router DSL7002GRV(S) when I upgraded to fibre broadband recently to replace the existing 2wire router. In the firewall section, I have opened up ports forwarding for bitcomet. Thereafter I ran bitcomet and my port was blocked as per yellow signal. Subsequently, I called the tech support from Aztech (very difficult to get through). I got through the tech support guy as was told no action is needed, just install bitcomet and it will go through the firewall automatically. Hence, I got no joy from the tech guy. So for those that have a solution to my problem, my kind appreciation if you can share on this thread. Thank you dsl7002grvportforwarding.odt
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