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  1. When I download a magnet link the bittorrent task box opens in Bitcomet however the actual file to be downloaded does not appear. Does anyone know how to fix this. thanks
  2. Hi, Thanks for all your sugestions but i decided to restore a back up version gonig back a few weeks when i was using an older version of Bitcomet and it appears that the problem is solved. Thanks again for trying to solve my problem.
  3. I have found the same problem and it appears as you said Usual Suspect to be linked with downloading using magnetic links. This was not a problem with earlier versions of BitComet. I hope it can be fixed in future versions. I am having problems with my version of BitComet downloading torrent file so have to use magnetic links.
  4. I have tried to run the latest BitComet 1.36 I downloaded from the BitComet site and I get the error message "Can't initialize plug-in directory please try again later" this error message keeps coming up each time. I did not want to completely remove my existing version of BitComet from my computer as I still have torrents to download and don't want to loss the history of my downloaded torrents. Do have any other choice that to delete my existing version of BitComet from my computer and try to install a new version?
  5. Th T TThe torrent is not the problem they will open in bitcomet on other computers It appears to be exclusive to my main computer therfore it has something to do with the setting or the bitcomet version on my computer I suspect
  6. No it will not open the torrent from my computerN
  7. The problem is when I am in a torrent site and try to open a torrent file while in my browser the Bitcomet program opens and I get the message torrent file opening failed. If I am in the Bitcomet program I can open existing files on my downloading list,
  8. Hi, It appears to be happening with all torrents.
  9. I am getting this error message "torrent file opening failed" from a number of different sites I have previously had no trouble downloading from. I use Internet Explorer and have the up to date Bitcoment software please help.
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