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  1. ...and by the way, at one point, I had part of a torrent download at ~5MB per sec, so that was exciting. Very pleased with VIP. I do wish the BitComet client would be more active / responsive in finding new download sources once one ends. Like I said in my post, sometimes nothing will happen for hours, and just stopping and restarting, or even updating tracker, can trigger a new download source to begin. Thanks for your help.
  2. probably a dumb question, once a torrent has finished downloading, I noticed it goes to an orange up arrow, is my client also uploading at this point? I do have long term seeding enabled. I also know the VIP servers will continue to upload the torrent. I like to download educational videos, some of these torrents are tracked, which is why I prefer anonymous. I read one of the admin posts about long term seeding being safe for the most part. But I know when you have 100 percent of the file, you turn into a seeder. If I turn off one of the orange uploads, does it stop the VIP seeding? I decided to stop my torrents until I resolved this question. However, I turned one on, and now the upload arrow is red. So I stopped it as well. I actually don't mind using my pc and bandwidth to upload, but I require being anonymous. I do like the fact that VIP uploads more than it downloads. So I hope I didn't mess with that feature. Also, it seems the torrents I select are pretty dead. But every hour or so, I stop and start them again, and also update tracker, and that sometimes works to great effect. If I don't do that, nothing happens. I also added additional trackers, and that also seemed to help. I noticed that you don't see any info for seeds/peers, but I assume that is because VIP is disabling that access and utilizing the VIP server instead, except for LT seeding. So I am worried about what is happening once my torrent reaches 100%.
  3. I'm just a squirrel trying to get my nut.

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