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    I am a animator. I love giving life to non-living things.

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  1. When you guys will post the new Guide for newer versions.
  2. Hey i think u shoud post this in Bugs section of bitcomet. because it is a kind of bug only. :angry:
  3. Yaaa Same Problem is with me. but it shows the uploading part. when none of my tasks are active then also it shows uploading something unknown. what is it. is some private information being uploaded to some unknown tracker or person. Software: Bitcomet 1.36
  4. Yaa i want that only. i just want ranks of people using bitcomet. A complete list of users from 1 to infinity. It could be a great feature. So that we can compare our own ranks...
  5. Yaa waiting for others to give there reviews so that u guys will be able to consider it in future updates. i am very excited to see this feature. thanks developer team in advanced
  6. Yaa it would be a very good feature helping many around the world. consider it developer team.
  7. It can be very useful for uploaders point of view. we can manage our torrent uploads very easily if this app comes. please for once take it into consideration
  8. Yaaa its a good Idea. some torrents are really messy. we should see it in next update
  9. Want a newer Interface that should be more cozy and look good. seeing this interface from starting now getting bored. its should be more advanced and compete with newer generation torrent clients.
  10. As i see this software it has a good thing called Ranking. I want to suggest that there should be a way to see the rankss of all the people around the world. So there would be more excitment about this software around the people of the world. Because some like competition in everything. So, if u guys like the suggestion. Please give a look at the ranking system.
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