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  1. That's why i said that streamyx can detect and block a specific ID.
  2. Try using back the stable client, Bitcomet 0.70 version then. Some do solve downloading speed issues.
  3. yes, that posting is before i found out the solution. and yes, streamyx do ban some of the IP, as soon as they detect the IP is using a P2P software they will ban that IP. That is why some of the streamyx user did not know why suddenly or most of the time they facing of downloading speed problem. So, i hope that you clear about my previous post and this posting bout i getting it back to normal. By the way, i own 4 streamyx account, that's why i can experincing the problem.
  4. i should said something to people in Malaysia, i myself is malaysian. And i don think you should just ask people to feed you directly since they are so far away. For my situation, i face the same thing when i downloading stuff. 1k-10kbps, that's the best i can have. But i found out that, Streamyx(ISP) trying to block only part of the IP, the WAN IP. I shall said that all of you that from Malaysia if your speed is too slow, in Bitcomet. You should Disconnect and connect again in USB modem, and with Router, you should off the modem and get it on again to see the different. Trying to get the IP t
  5. porbably you have to change your port number, i mean frequently change it until you get a good coonection with the seed.
  6. i guess you are one of the victim of ISP throttle bitcomet user....you might just have to wait for the new announcement then.
  7. The red 'X' that i encountered is when the destination where i store my downloading files is full, when the disk space nearly full, and the downloading cannot be continue then a red 'x' will be appears in front of the filename.
  8. i try that too suspect, but no help. But thanks for helping me, i think i will just wait for the latest tech to solve this problem. It already announce in Malaysia that our local ISP (streamyx) has starting to block P2P / Bittorent Software to function. I guess this is the end for Malaysian Broadband User....But i will be very sure...Bitcomet will be back soon and more powerful.
  9. i try the port forwarding thing, i guess my ISP block Bitcomet, becos i open up bitcomet and try the canyouseeme.org but nothing but fail. So i guess i give all now since i donno what to do...
  10. Well, did you try the prt forwarding on your router? Say if you are using a router. Well, i am sure new tech will overwhelming this matter soon. Behold dude, it is just the matter of time only, don be too sad about it then.
  11. Thanks for those reply and help. I try those setting and apply on it, but no help either. Donno what goes wrong.
  12. Edimax is the one who connected to internet. The edimax have 4-ports, 1 of the ports connected to my Cnet Wireless AP in "WAN" port. Then my computer connected to the 1 of the 4 ports in Wireless AP. I did open up the Bitcomet when i running the canyouseeme.org test, but fail too. Or it seem like my ISP blocked my downloading up? No way can be done and just sit and wait? Thanks for the reply from Suspect and Dave
  13. Hi there, i learn that port forwarding might help in Bitcomet downloading. But my problem now is, i have a router modem and it is connected to my wireless access point. So, if i want to set port forwarding then should i do it on my modem router or my wireless access point? My router modem is Edimax. My Wireless AP is Cnet. I just wanna make sure which one should i set the Port forwarding feature. Another question, if i set port fowarding in this, will anyone able to gain access to my PC? It is completely different from DMZ thing right? Thanks.
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