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  1. Seaching Torrentroom from Bitcomet gone weird. - I was merrily searcing and all working fine but suddenly a new search took me to a page that said I was being redirected to :(see attatched .jpg) I ended up on the normal bitcomet page - BUT....above the torrent files there is a list of "Indexed on " Dates and permanently over 1000 pages at the bottom . If I try to search from this page the same thing happens ......??? Any help would be appreciated. Regards to all.. Nukleopatra
  2. I am having same problem as others (+ a friend of mine is also UK) - But can still search and download/Upload(share) , but very slow .....??
  3. All of a sudden I am getting "Green Writing" at the top Left of the screen whenever I play an mp4 file. This has only happened recently (last couple of days). I don't know if it is something I have done (switched on by accident) - but it relates to the Audio track of any video I play of format mp4 (other types of file seem fine ). Also the MPCStar seems to have gone very Memory Hungry and unstable. I have tried uninstalling then reinstalling the program but does not seem to resolve EITHER problem. After uninstalling I have run "Purchased Programs" (ie. 100% legit) - Spyhunter + Reghunter , before re-installation. It is more annoying than anything as the writing is quite Large. Also MpcStar has overtaken all my other programs for playing any type of video files , whether film or music videos , regardless of the source of the file (youtube downloads , ones created myself , realplayer downloads etc.) I have a soundblaster video player (soundblaster card) , VLC Player , Media Player 11 , Media Player Classic Please help , Regards Nukleopatra
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