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  1. Maybe a more modern look as a second option to the already existing look solves the problem. I, for instance, prefer windows 8 styling way more than the windows XP styling. This will definitely satisfy all users.
  2. Thanks for the reply, and I have a couple of questions; Will searching for a torrent through its info hash always come up with trackers that this particular torrent is registered to? So having more trackers in this case is better, right? From my understanding, this increases the probability of having more seeds to download. Please correct me if I am wrong, but my request was based on "identical torrents on other trackers" and not just adding random trackers (for the sake of it =D), but if the answer to the questions is "no", then this concludes to the first paragraph of your reply. Thanks again! =)
  3. I was wondering if an option can be added to make BitComet grab trackers from different torrent websites (torrentz, kickass, extratorrent, h33t, etc...) around the web according to the torrent's info hash instead of just googling for them and cleaning the impurities to make a compatible list, as some websites don't have this feature (e.g. extratorrent and h33t). Also, when adding the same torrent through different sources, usually the trackers listed in each torrent file of a different source are different. To further explain myself, let's say we have a torrent file that is downloaded from source A and source B. Now the torrent file from source A is added to BitComet's task list, then the torrent file from source B is added to BitComet's task list. This gives you in BitComet "Torrent Task Exists!", but does not merge the tracker lists. I don't know if it's supposed to merge the lists, but in my experience, it never did it. So, if it isn't a feature already, can it be added?! Thanks.
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