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  1. I know I can do that but this is a special case because the website on which I downloaded my files from has this rating system on on which if you have below this point you cant download anymore. So all you have to do is up your rating by seeding or uploading your files so that you will reach a certain amount of file size in proportion(depends to the rating system of the website; download to contributed ratio) to what you've download.
  2. Hello. I've downloaded this file/s long ago and I transfered it to another partition and most importantly, I deleted the task and history of the file. I think its the magnet link that I seem to have lost. Now, I needed those files to be up and running again or to be uploading but I can't find a way to hash check them to appear back to the "all downloads" list of files in the bitcomet program. Is there a way to get this through?
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