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  1. I need help please! I access GMAIL under COMET BIRD 11. GOOGLE will NOT allow me to sign in, something about cookies, or allowing GOOGLE as a preferred site, or changing my internet settings. I can find NO info on this in any browser including CB. Since CB is a FF clone the OPTIONS page is the same. I know cookies in FF are auto enabled. Please tell me what to do in simple steps to allow me to sign in to gmail. *email address removed* @gmail.com. I CAN sign in using FF.
  2. What FIRE FOX version # is equal to YOUR version 11(eleven)? I read that CB is part of FIRE FOX's POWERED BY FIRE FOX program which allows certain developers to use THEIR proprietary code and a similar logo. Your browser seems to be an earlier version of FF. Maybe anything from 4 through 20? THEIR version #. Your browser is just as good as theirs. My OPERA browser became too slow to be usfull. Used CB to replace it. Good choice. I had no idea you were related to FF until I installed it. Answer please. reeltoreelguy@gmail.com
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