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  1. tell u what, my dad exactly the same age as you are. Too bad he only appreciates mahjong and his precious bonzai ....... :welcome:
  2. may i know what is "tuotu" , another version of bc ? :blink:
  3. When I open PeerGuardian2, any activities in bitcomet forum fail, I mean fail to load any pages or any updates. Both IE and Firefox. Back to normal right after I exit PG2. Any setting need to be configured? Anyone pls advise ........
  4. Found a lot of video codes, esp those music video. And i have below is of Jewel' Hand mv. <embed src='' type='application/x-mplayer2' width='300' height='300' ShowControls='1' ShowStatusBar='0' loop='true' EnableContextMenu='0' autostart='true' DisplaySize='0' pluginspage='http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/Downloads/Contents/Products/MediaPlayer/'></embed></div><br><font style='font-size: 10pt;'><a href='http://www.ultimatemyspace.com/music_videos.php'>Music Video Codes</a> - <a href='http://ww
  5. Dun mind tell us which version u r using? Mine v0.70 come with "Transfer" and "Web" buttons on upper left corner, just switching between websites and torrents with a single click...... B)
  6. Can u guys recommend some good mp3 download links for me. Not really good in "SEARCHING" esp in the VAST internet :D Have plenty of asian esp chinese music sources but not the western ..... Looking for great western music and of coz good d/l speed as well !!
  7. warrsaw

    New movie

    Terima Kasih ! UnusualSuspect :) [Terima Kasih == thanx in Malay Language]
  8. warrsaw

    New movie

    so dun u mind recommend some "good release group" for me ?
  9. Memory runs low very often, and most of the time only with minimum or "light" activities. Would like to quote a few examples : (1)Playing MP3 w/ Winamp while opening MS Words (2) Playing a classic simulation games "Theme Hospital" , alone. Brief description of my desktop system as follow: ASUS P3V133 MotherBoard PIII 850Mhz 512MB SDRAM 40GB ATA HDD ATI 128MB AGP Graphic Card Creative SB Live! Value Sound Card D-Link Network Card Windows XP SP2 AVG Antivirus Questions: 1) Phys Memory Available at 50% after reboot? Is this normal? 2) After closing some program or doc files, phys me
  10. :P oopps... sorry for violating the rules, will be more careful next time. btw, hv deleted the @#$% rar file, and will keep an eye on "suspicious" p/w next time b4 d/l any rars Just feel bad coz hv downloaded quite a number of these files, and all are my fav songs appreciate your time , thanx !
  11. downloaded files fr a forum in www.mimip2p.com : http://www.badongo.net/file/1733664 and given password as : w141499@www.mimip2p.com~KaraBar.org ~ 天空之城~TW@FCB~冰城奇域~Update! p2p 77 but could not work. pls help.
  12. Not trying to be rude, and not shooting anyone, esp those trying to help. Just frust searching for the bitcomet setting guide. Thanx anyway.
  13. Anyone dun mind sharing their Canon Photo Printer experience with me. Could not make up my mind between Canon Selphy and Pixma series. Is Canon Selphy CP720 / CP730 300x300 dpi good enough to print quality 4R and 5R photo? If yes, then if I print 5R with Canon Pixma MP810 (max 9600 x 2400 dpi ), will there be any different? Understand that Canon Selphy is for convenient "direct photo print" fr camera. Is it ok to print normal non-photo document with selphy as well? Is there any All-In-One printer/scanner/copier to be recommended? Home use, 50% B&W document print / scan / copy and 50% 4
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