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  1. Thank You. I'll give it a look tommorow, and will ask firther questions if I have trouble finding them. But please tell me: won't copying while BitComet folder and all BitComet data from appdata folders in "documents and settings" work?
  2. I know where the partial downloads are located but i don't have torrent files cause all downlaods were started with magnet links :/ What can i do? If I just replace bitcomet folder on the new computer with the old one, will it work?
  3. Hello. Recently the CPU on my computer burnt. I had bitcommet installed there with a lot of unfinished task (v. 1.35). The disk is working fine and i have the access to all files on it. I would like to somehowe transfer the whole task list on the new computer and continue the downloading (there is aslo bitcomet installed on it - v. 1.36). Is there a way to do it? (there are some task on the "new computer" bit commet, but htey are unimportant and can be lost :). Both systems are windows XP ). Thanks in advance for help.
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