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  1. i figured it was something like that. stupid hotel. i'ma try the proxy server and see what happens. i'm not on a military base. thanks for lookin out though.
  2. so i just got bitcomet because i was having issues with azureus. here's the situation. i installed bitcomet just fine. no problems. when i get a .torrent loaded up, it says connecting but does nothing because the bottom reads "dht not connected". i did some reading and tried the "preferences>advanced>connection>enable DHT network" trick. but that didn't resolve the issue. i am living in a hotel on base with free wireless interent access. could that be the problem causing my dht not to connect? i've enabled full access through my mcafee firewall. i'm lost. any ideas?
  3. hey everyone. noah here reporting for duty. as you can tell by my name, i'm in the air force. anyways, i'm from cali, i'm 27, and i suck with bittorrents. so i'm sure i'll be asking a lot of questions. talk to you later. peace.
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