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  1. Torrents\cars.torrent C:\Program Files\BitComet\Downloads\cars ff7bc4a41a8aa87505beddad3a0d60ee840fcc46 1 MB 1.37 GB [100%] 1.37 GB http://kid.sladinki007.net:6700/announce 100% 0 B 1.46 GB (1 MB rubbish data dropped) 2.47 GB 5 KB/s within 72:25:06 6 KB/s within 99:99:99 http://www.demonoid.com/ the files are mvn-carsnfo.nfo 2.32 kb mvn-carstsxvid01.avi 699.03 mb mvn-carstsxvid02.avi 696.90 mb mvn-carstsxvidsample.avi 12.81 mb nightfire_rg.nfo 3.03 kb does this help or do you need more
  2. i downloaded the movie carsoff www.demonoid.com
  3. im trying to put a movie i downloaded off demonoid on to a dvd-r but its not working and ive tried windows media player and real player but it wont work to burn them on to a disc any suggestions or help
  4. im trying to burn them to watch on a dvdplayer
  5. anybody have a suggestion on a good dvd burning site ive tried real player and winows media player but both dont work any suggestions
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