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  1. Music is also hard to get even when there are a lot of seeders. So far applications are downloading fine. It is just the videos and music I am having problems with.
  2. It is not just Bit Comet that is doing this. Other torrent client users are saying online that they are having the same issue.
  3. Ever since the feds stepped in and forced isp's to block torrent sites.I am using a good vpn and I have changed my dns address but yet 95% of the movies I download with bit comet stop on 99.9% leaving an incomplete video file which is hard and time consuming to get the movies on dvd. I never had this problem after 10 years of using bit comet until after the feds made the isp's block torrent sites. Could that be causing the incomplete video downloads. I do not have any files under 10 MB TO ATTACH. Anyone else experiencing this issue ?
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