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  1. Hi all...me too experiencing unusual download speed drop in Malaysia As paparaaaapa recent new post "ISP Blocked Bitcomet" StreamyX is Malaysia Main ISP Broadband Provider. There are a lot of Malaysia Citizens suffering the same problem also...Is it Malaysia banned p2p recently...?? Basically, my bitcomet download speed drop from 100+kbs to 1-5 kbs...and some even 0 kbs and keep on disconnecting..... >_<" Technically (1) all other internet usage are not effected except bitcomet downloads. (2) individual file download health can reach 1000+ %, but download speed only 0-5 kbs, and 0 kbs most of the time. (3) all ISP broking solution (Encryption, Firewall Configuration, NAT..) is ON, but no use at all. (4) there are plenty of download peers (2000+) but only 0-3 (seeds), and these seeds just keep on disconnecting....and stay on 0 seeds in most of the time. (5) ......still searching...... Conclusion, bitcomet already cannot be use in Malaysia ? or there are still any solution left ?? :(
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