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  1. Hello, So you know how there are the various layout tabs such as Name, Size, Progress, Down Rate, Time Left, etc? I know that you can customize what you see, and you can also adjust the size and position of each of the tabs. However, whenever I restart my computer, the size gets all shrunk down and I have to readjust all of the sizes again. Is there a way to lock them so that they don't get changed like that? Thanks!
  2. Yes, unfinished files are .bc! I have the default Bitcomet settings for the most part. I haven't changed anything beyond how many downloads can happen at the same time. 1) Bitcomet 64 bit version 1.35 2) DSL connection, Download: 70.35 Mbps, Upload: 16.25 Mbps 3) Telus DSL router with no port forwarding 4) Windows 7, AVG anti virus
  3. I only seem to have this problem when downloading large torrents, like 25 gigs. If I force a hash check in the middle of the download, it completes just fine and the download resumes, but when the download finishes, it just jumps back to 0% and starts over again. That is all I know. Other downloads work fine as long as they are not too large.
  4. Ok, so it just happened again with this torrent. Oh, and this has happened to me with other torrents as well, not just this one. This is the second repeat:
  5. I'm familiar with the hash check, the icon is yellow while that is happening. This is not what I'm talking about. My download actually resets back to 0% and restarts all over again. Why would the stats of that torrent be the way they are in the above screenshot if not for a restarted torrent?
  6. I've been having this issue as of late where a download will finish, and then restart back at 0%. It's really annoying when I finish a 20 gig torrent only to have it restart and have to wait many hours for it to finish again. Does anyone know why this happens and how to stop it? In the screenshot below, please note the stats versus the values in parentheses. It's the current versus the running total from the restarting.
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