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  1. i got a torrent through torrent collection i want to see from which site that torrent belong or where are the similar torrents.
  2. as you can see in first pic there are no images but (in second pic) when i click on each and every torrent the image icon in each and every torrent that have images become bold. i cant click on 600000 torrents to find those that have images.earlier comments and image icons remain bold for those that have images . i think the torrent file is not loading properly thats y its not showing comments, rating , popularity and images by default. Thanks :)
  3. http://pctechtalk.co...pshots-problem/ ^ this person is also referring to same problem i think .
  4. i dont remember i was using which comet version earlier.. problem started when something went wrong and my windows crashed after that i did a fresh install of windows 8.1 and bitcomet.. my problem is when i go in channels there is a torrent collection tab which shows all torrents that other users are downloading there are subcategories like snapshots , comments , rating , popular etc they dont come until and unless i click on each torrent. I mean i cant sort torrents that have snapshots from those that do not have.
  5. 1) version 1.37 2)adsl 3)yes i have a modem , modem beetel 450tc1 5) windows 8.1 . bitdefender total security antivirus. 6) speed 512kbps same problem with 8 mbps i dont think this problem is related to bitcomet version because if its related to version every one will be facing this issue
  6. Earlier bitcomet used to show snapshots and comments in torrent collection but now it is not showing. snapshots and comments only comes when i click on each and every torrent.
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