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  1. The LT seed feature, exclusive to Bitcomet, makes BC the most appealing and wonderful torrent client. Even old and dead torrents can revive. A creative concept from the BC development team I must admit. From my observation, there is a way to check if there are lt seeds resources available for a torrent. Go to Files Tab and the column LT seeds will reflect the number of lt seeds for each file in the torrent. If I see all 0, I will need to update tracker and the number of seeds will be shown after one try or few tries. Then switch to Peers Tab and I can see my p2sp connected. peer to server peer. So I am pretty sure your assumption of connecting to BC server for lt seeds is done together with bt trackers is correct. Otherwise I won't see my lt seeds number in Files Tab ONCE I update tracker if I see all 0 at torrent start. Do you think the max half open tcp connection of 10 for BC cause this lt seed problem? Because I cannot set a limit for BC lower than the OS limit.
  2. First of all, thanks for the quick informative reply. I never experienced any browsing problems at all and browsing was smooth while torrents are running. I reported this bug just because of another problem I suspect might be due to this bug. The problem is sometimes, when a torrent is started, the LT seeds are not connected at all (no p2sp connected, only bt connected shown on the Peers Tab). And if this happens, I can right click on the torrent and select Update Tracker to connect to LT seeds. Sometimes need to update tracker a few times to connect to the LT seeds, but eventually I can connect no matter how. Just a matter of number of times of update tracker. However, sometimes I can also get them upon torrent first open. And since this problem is intermittent, I suspect the half open connection limit for Bitcomet might be the cause. Thus the posting here. Can you explain to me the cause of my problem with LT seeds? As I hope to get the LT seeds always on torrent open and save the hassle of updating tracker sometimes when it fails.
  3. Hi, I am using bitcomet 1.37 and I realise the advanced option of network.max_connecting_connections cannot be set below 10. So how to adjust it to 8 so as to allow smooth surfing? My Tcp/ip limit is 10 as i am using windows XP and i do not want to patch it to a higher limit as this does not help in the download speed. So i am trying to change the max half open connection for BC (network.max_connecting_connections) from the auto value of 0 (default to 10 as seen on the Statistics Tab) to a value of 7 or 8 as recommended in this forum. But after i enter in 8 and click Apply, it always become 10. I have also tried 7 and 9 and same thing, jumps back to 10. Is the lowest limit 10 for network.max_connecting_connections? If so, then how do i go about changing a lower value for it than the tcp/ip limit of 10? Thanks in advance for any help.
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