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  1. Sometimes torrent can have thousands of files and size of all of them can exceed 1 terabyte and higher, but if I want to download only one particular file I must search it manually and if torrent has tons of directories it is practically almost impossible to find that file. The worst thing that every time I open such torrent all directories are expanded, this makes sorting by clicking on the columns absolutely useless. So I ask to add new features to the torrent properties window: 1. Add option to collapse all directories in one click and also add choice in the options for all new torrents being opened with collapsed directories by default. 2. Add search box with filter ability, so, for example, if I write there some word, then only files with this word in their names will be shown, so I can select only these files.
  2. BitComet can't show you such files because of this bug, but open it in another torrent client and you will see, that there is two exe files with long names and dot is used to show their version. I don't know why you don't see seeders, for me this link forks fine. edit: Thanks for answer and thanks for BitComet, for me this is the best torrent client but for some reason it is highly underrated by other people...
  3. Here it is: But you also can create some text files, name them in such pattern and change their extension to EXE. After that just make torrent for those files and you will see, that in the BitComet all their names will be truncated.
  4. Looks like BitComet doesn't like when files of certain type have long name with dot in some position. For example, file with such name: blablablablabla bla.alb albalbalb albalb albalb albalbalb albalbalb alb.exe Becomes this: blablablablabla bla.exe And if there is many files with the same part before dot but after dot they're different, then in directory will be created only one file blablablablabla bla.exe, the others can't be created because they all be with the same name. I don't know all file types with which this situation occurs, I found out that EXE always truncated and only with certain name length after dot.
  5. Well, actually DHT was enabled all the time. But now i tried another way, i just completely deleted everything from C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\BitComet and looks like it helps me instantly. So, maybe old settings from previous version caused this problem to me. Anyway, sorry for disturbing.
  6. Hi. Strange behavior happens each time when i want to download something from piratebay. Downloading can't start and in the list of trackers i see messages like this: UDP Tracker no response. I tried different torrents, magnet and usual torrent files - result always the same. Then i checked those torrents with alternative software and all was OK with them. So, why is this happens?
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