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  1. Two TV shows that usually download in under five minutes have been downloading for over five hours now and have not completed.
  2. I just found out long term seeding had not been working lately because none of my tasks have increased share % not even on popular current TV shows.
  3. Two of the links are for recent episodes of Modern Family and The Middle that usually have plenty of seeds and download in under five minutes yet both downloaded up to 98.4% and 98.9% and stopped downloading.
  4. One of the files finished downloading, but the other three stopped downloading at 99.7%,98.4% and 98.9%. What I do not understand is why I was able to download when peers and seeds showed 0 of 0 connected the whole time I was downloading.
  5. The magnet links started, but the files are downloading slower than they normally do and the peers and seeds are both showing 0 of 0 connected even when downloading.
  6. I usually do not have trouble starting magnet links but I have 4 started that all have "magnet" before the file name and none of them have opened. I know that sometimes it can take a while for magnet links to open on older files, but 2 of the 4 are current TV shows that usually open the moment I click on the magnet link and they have not opened after an hour.
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