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  1. Escalate the dispute with PayPal. I did and received the refund in two hours. It would appear from the non-reply from Bit Comet that this company has certain problems and will not advise anyone what is happening. Thanks to Guardian Eagle.
  2. Same here. All Paypal will do is send them an e-mail from you, ask you to sort it out with Bit Comet and them upgrade the complaint in about three weeks.
  3. Still trying. Not having much success. Will let you know any outcome, Thanks for the help.
  4. I have never had problems paying on PayPal for more Bandwidth, but now am receiving an Error Message saying "Invalid Transaction". Just wondered if anyone else is having this problem?
  5. Everthing working OK. Thanks for all your assistance. Peter
  6. As there is no way to contact Bit Comet it is impossible to claim a refund. There is no contact outside of this forum.
  7. This problem still exists (now 3 weeks). Know you cannot do anything about it, but it seems to be quite apparent that Bit Comet does not care. They have now removed their "Contact" addresses and only refer to tthe forum. As they have received money for this product it is extremely poor Customer Service to not provide the service they have accepted payment for. Can only thank you for your assistance and ask that you provide Bit Comet with a complete no confidence. Thanks again Peter
  8. Yes i have, mate. keep getting Bad Gate 502. Thanks for all your help. Peter
  9. Windows 8.1 Bit Comet version 1.37 Internet DSL Windows Defender Malware Bytes anti virus Microsoft Security Essentials Modern Gilat Sky Edge 11 IP Hope this helps Peter
  10. Hope this information will be of assistance. Internal Server Error SoapClient::SoapClient(http:bitcomet.org/webservice/wsd:failed to open stream: HTTP request failed!HTTP/1.1.404 Not Found
  11. I will arrange to send the info you require. The errors are EXACTLY as I have described. I cannot even access the VIP Acceleration website. It keeps saying Bad Gateway. As I said every other part of Bit Comet works. Will be in touch when I can find someone in the next few days who can understand your too technical details.
  12. It has now changed to "server error. try later" and then says "network error" try again the next time. Could someome please assist? I have checked everything including IP provider and there is nothing wrong at my end..
  13. I keep getting Network error.. Try again later. This started two days ago. Before then it was fine. My computer and Network settings are working correctly. Could you advise what the problem may be. Peter
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