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  1. We need a way to specify a Universal Max download rate for all downloading torrents, that can be overridden by Task Specific Max Download rate. Currently You can specify Task Specific Settings by right clicking properties for a torrent, then going to the Task Properties, Advanced tab, Enable Task Specific Settings and then specify a Max download speed. This is very useful for rationing bandwidth to prevent popular torrents from utilizing all available bandwidth, while torrents that are not as popular, which you would like to download as quickly as possible before the sharer goes offline, are deprived of bandwidth. This feature should be placed in Tools/Options/Task menu. Without this Universal Max download rate for all downloading torrents, you need to go in and specify a Max download rate for each and every torrent that you want to throttle down, in order to conserve bandwidth for a torrent that you need to give priority to. With a Universal Max download rate, you would only need to change the specific max download rate on the few torrents that you want to allocate extra bandwidth to, not all the ones that you don't want to have extra bandwidth.
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