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  1. Just converted to uncapped. Hope I don't miss the capped line. Sometime it can be cold without a cap. I'll invest in a scarf. Now to get everything running as before up to where the drain happened. Oh and Happy birthday to me!! (no one here will know so I did the honours myself) jeee haaaa!!!!
  2. Thank you kindly I will do as you proposed
  3. Thank you very much for that answer I have stopped the use of it, but still there is a big drain. Of my 25gig for the month there is only 3.5gig left. Seems I still have lots to learn Where can I read up on how to limit it's bandwidth?
  4. emule is draining my gigs. Took 5 gigs today! I don't yet fully understand the use of emule. How do I go about stopping the drain?
  5. I must say your replies are really swift keeping in mind the amount of queries you probably get daily - I'm impressed The same goes for cassie ! My router does support it. I have enabled it when I set up the router to open the listen port. ps [i upped my 5 gig cap (+ 5 gig bonus) to 20gig (+ 5 gig bonus) with my ISP and I'm paying less now than before - what a bargain! AND I got a 2meg line with the deal]
  6. 1. Bitcomet - latest version - look for updates weekly 2. ADSL 3. Router - Telkom duoPlus 300WR 4. Cable 5. windows XP, Avast, 32bit Up Time: 1:49:29 Overall Tasks: Total: 18 / Running: 2 TCP Connections: Established: 7 [MAX:Unlimited] / Half-Open: 8 [MAX:10] LAN IP: WAN IP: 41.177.49.xx Listen Port of TCP: 101xx (Opened in Firewall/Router) Listen Port of UDP: 101xx (Opened in Firewall/Router) Windows Firewall: Added [TCP opened, UDP opened, TCP(ED2K) opened, UDP(ED2K) opened] UPnP NAT port mapping: Failed [uPNP device not found!] Overall Download Rate: 11 kB/s [MAX:Unlimited] Max Connection Limits: 50 per task Overall Upload Rate: 0 kB/s [MAX:Unlimited] LT Seeding: 0 kB/s [MAX:Unlimited] All BT Upload Slots: 0 Memory Usage: Working Set: 24.51 MB, Commit Size: 29.37 MB Free Memory: Phys: 1.07 GB (Min to keep: 50 MB), Pagefile: 2.85 GB, Virtual: 1.85 GB Disk Cache Size: 4.75 MB (Min: 6 MB, Max: 50 MB) Disk Read Statistics: Request: 4518 (freq: 0.0/s), Actual Disk Read: 600 (freq: 0.0/s), Hit Ratio: 86.7% Disk Write Statistics: Request: 5318 (freq: 0.2/s), Actual Disk Write: 276 (freq: 0.0/s), Hit Ratio: 94.8% Total Downloaded: 1.78 GB (this session: 98.28 MB) Total Uploaded: 1.79 GB (this session: 72.61 MB) Listen port is open [green] I have read numerous posts about port and mapping [as I could not find port mapping], but could not find any to help how do I go about fixing it?
  7. In torrent collection it say " Bitcomet has not connected to any peer supporting Torrent Share. Please check it later" The same thing happened yesterday. My torrent collection had a 1000 collections yesterday and I deleted everything by accident. What do I do to get it back or to get new ones again?
  8. Where can I find a post that explain what emule is and of what use it is?
  9. I got my listen port open as this morning!! I did a ping test after the listen port opened and it is 5 x faster than before. Still slow to your standards. Have a look at my last 2 posts in 'new members'
  10. The above was a ping test. Did a speed test now after I phoned my ISP and the download speed should be 2Mb/s, but it is anything between 18kb/s and 220kb/s. Got the latter one on my last download. Seems they updated every one's lines some time ago without telling us. I kept my last download running and the share ratio is now at 0.05. I'll keep it open for a day or 2. Now just to get the speed up
  11. Thank you very much!!! Is it possible that you can add it in the first post were the other one is, because I can't? Dungcat is just a name I use when I try new things like games or in this case bittorrent. I normally change it later. I got my listen port open as well this morning!! I would like to have a friend or 2 here and seeing that you [cassie] and the UUsuspect helped me so far, may I ask if we can be friends? I did a speed test after the listen port opened and it is 5 x faster than before. Still slow to your standards. Last Result: Download Speed: 306 kbps (38.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 323 kbps (40.4 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency: 302 ms 1/7/2014 14:55:24 I'd really like to get it faster if possible Now I must figure out how to get my share ratio up. It is 0.00 at this stage. Give me a day or 2 to try and figure it out.
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